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Fake news is a perfect marriage of corrupt capitalism (make-a-buck pranksters) and corrupt constitutionalism (people who lie under protection of the First Amendment). [Read More]
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The temptation is strong, Democrats, but don't be as sleazy and unprincipled as the other side—not after four years of blasting demagoguery. It'll only make... [Read More]
Up is down, right is wrong, and the thrice-married real-estate developer is "the most faith-centric, pro-life president of our lifetime." [Read More]
What's the president hiding? And why won't he just release the paper if the truth is so simple? Hey, we're just asking! [Read More]
One way to give the party a jolt of energy? Let a new generation step into positions of leadership in the House by 2020. [Read More]
They're going to be targeted no matter how they vote on any particular bill, and that just might liberate them to vote their consciences. [Read More]
Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson gave away the GOP game on health care at a high school assembly recently. Contrast to his party's position on guns. [Read More]
The Trump era isn't just a shift in ideology. It's an onslaught of outrageous conduct coming in faster than we can summon the outrage it... [Read More]
What discernible difference is there between HUAC demanding that Hollywood studios fire "un-American" writers and actors and Trump calling on NFL owners to fire kneeling... [Read More]
Spoiler: It's the Republicans. And a system in which all the political incentives—and especially for the GOP—are for stalemate. [Read More]
When McCain put his thumb down, he said it was about "regular order." Weeks later, it looks like the Momentary Maverick may throw away his... [Read More]