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Photo Illustration by Lyne Lucien/The Daily Beast Two items in Monday's news cycle show us different but complementary sides of what the Republican Party is... [Read More]
Mandel Ngan/Getty God has a sense of mischief, at least. Thursday, just two days after Donald Trump started talking up his beautiful martial demonstration, North... [Read More]
Photo Illustration by Lyne Lucien/The Daily Beast The opening skit on Saturday Night Live over the weekend wasn't particularly funny or smart (it never is,... [Read More]
Photo Illustration by Sarah Rogers/The Daily Beast Liberals like to scoff at Joe Manchin, but after yesterday I think it's pretty obvious that a lot... [Read More]
Jim Lo Scalzo/Getty Donald Trump will boast Tuesday night about the economy, and he will have every right to. Not that it's his doing,... [Read More]
Photo Illustration by Lyne Lucien/The Daily Beast I couldn't quite place when I'd felt before the way that I did Monday morning, as though my... [Read More]
An ideological movement hasn't taken over the party — yet. [Read More]
Jonathan Ernst/Reuters Three quick questions: When was the last time the government shut down, how long did it last, and which side won? Three quick... [Read More]
As the president provides a defining moment of national humiliation and disgrace, two Republican senators diminish the authority of their office to feebly try and... [Read More]
The same Republicans who like to posture about standing up to the president are predictably, pathetically, falling in line. [Read More]
A new book exposed what we all already knew, and forced the Mercers to pick Trump over Bannon. Now it's only a matter of time.... [Read More]
Even conservatives used to reach across the aisle. Today, they're too scared to try. [Read More]
As the Senator is expected to resign today, many Minnesotans don't believe he should have stepped down—and he never got a fair process with the... [Read More]
Xmas Eve, 2037: The IRS has just told George Railey, a self-made man of the usual sort, that he owes $213,572 in back taxes. He's... [Read More]
…and the Republican Party is following his lead as America's republic breaks down. [Read More]
It's not just the tax cut or A.C.A. repeal: If the public opposes a law, you can bet the Republicans support it. Why? [Read More]
Republicans talked big this summer about protecting the special counsel from the president. Did they mean it? [Read More]
The 15 percent of counties Clinton won account for 64 percent of our GDP. This is the America that invents, designs, and engineers; the one... [Read More]
This is a time to put aside old fights and unite, for now, against a clear and present danger. [Read More]
Nothing in the historical record supports the idea Clinton should have resigned over his affair. Saying so plays into the right's efforts to smear and... [Read More]