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A toddler was caught on video making an effortless and impressive putt in a video uploaded to YouTube Sunday. The young kid used just his... [Read More]
Police revealed a 34-year-old man from Piscataway, New Jersey died on Saturday after swimming in the rough waters off Seven Presidents Park in Long Branch.... [Read More]
Robert J. Wilson, 23, was arrested by police Friday after attacking a woman. He was under the influence of LSD and was also naked at... [Read More]
Megyn Kelly looked casual chic as she strolled through Manhattan on Tuesday. The former Fox News anchor was seen leaving NBC studios, ahead of the... [Read More]
Chris, from NJ pictured on the left as a Boy Scout, has come forward two decades later claiming his troop leader, pictured at the bottom,... [Read More]
On Monday, the Merriam-Webster added more than 250 new words and definitions to their dictionary.  Other words include hangry, sext and dad bod, superfood, dabbing... [Read More]
Texas firefighter, 35, returns to his home after Hurricane Harvey and wades in neck-deep floodwaters to save his fiancée's wedding dress. [Read More]
Brenda Williamon, shot and killed her daughters Alicia Williamon, 44, and Jeannie Williamon, 43, in their sleep before turning the gun on herself in a... [Read More]
Hanover Park Police Department in Illinois have warned residents about the rise of the 'zombie' coyote. Police have told citizens to beware of these creatures... [Read More]
Catherine Share revealed in court Thursday that Charles Manson threatened to have her die a painful death in order to support a parole bid by cult... [Read More]
Peter Thiel, a supporter of President Donald Trump, is being investigated after helping fund a controversial test of an experimental herpes vaccine that took place... [Read More]
93-year-old Elizabeth Reichert from Philadelphia has revealed that she will leave $22 million in her will to Cologne Zoological Garden, a zoo in Germany. [Read More]
A Sacramento County Sheriff's deputy officer has been shot dead and two California Highway Patrol officers injured in a shooting in California. [Read More]
Orange Is The New Black star Ruby Rose has faced enormous backlash after donating $10,000 to Hurricane Harvey's LGBTQ victims only. [Read More]
From dogs to pet snakes, a deer, an abandoned tortoise, a Texas Longhorn and a leopard gecko, it seems all creatures great and small are... [Read More]
A couple from Florida, who police have identified as homeless, are trekking 800 miles from North West Florida to Key West. The couple caused a... [Read More]
The Houston Flood Relief Fund, organized by Houston Texans football player J.J. Watt, is inching closer to its new goal of $6,000,000, as its raised... [Read More]
It isn't just people who have been affected by the atrocities of Hurricane Harvey these past few days. Animals have been trapped and abandoned during the... [Read More]
A video has been released showing former Cobb County Police Officer, James Caleb Elliot, shooting at an unarmed teenager eight times. [Read More]
J.J. Watt has been hailed a hero in the Houston community, with the NFL player continuing to raise money and awareness for the Hurricane Harvey... [Read More]