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Call David Fink's phone these days and it's a 50-50 toss-up whether he answers "hello" or "bonjour." The Carmel hotelier (L'Auberge Carmel) and restaurateur (Aubergine,... [Read More]
"The Umbrella Academy," on Netflix, and "Doom Patrol," on DC Universe, take different approaches to a pair of closely linked comic books about misfit superheroes. [Read More]
The series about a happy-go-lucky Honolulu private eye (the one that made Tom Selleck famous) joins CBS's roster of macho reboots. [Read More]
The creator of "Monk," about an obsessive-compulsive detective, returns with a new Netflix show about a detective who's obsessed with following the rules. [Read More]
Joshua Perry loves to compete.He doesn't circle a track, chase a white ball with a stick or dance with the stars. He's a bartender, and... [Read More]
The 70th Primetime Emmy Awards were defined by an overwhelmingly white group of winners and a preponderance of bad ideas and feeble writing. [Read More]
The two-time Oscar winner stars in his first series, playing a Mars-bound astronaut in a Hulu production from the creator of "House of Cards." [Read More]
The Grub HunterGrowing up well before the Digital Age, I spent many hours as a child putting pen to paper, scribbling, scrawling, doodling, or composing... [Read More]
The "Memento" star plays a burned-out lawyer with a nagging conscience in a hard-boiled mystery series that's exceptionally light on its feet. [Read More]
Marc Metzer is now the egg man. After a crack at the corporate world, his entry into his family's third-generation waterfowl hatchery at Metzer Farms... [Read More]
USA's 10-episode series takes the raw material of the gleefully violent, politically charged "Purge" films and makes it safe for basic cable. [Read More]
Amazon Prime's reboot of the Tom Clancy spy hero is still a Boy Scout and he's still determined to save the world the American way. [Read More]
Some say courage bumps against the thin line separating us from madness.Opening your first restaurant requires courage. Opening it in Carmel nudges you toward that... [Read More]
First he came for the family sitcom. Then he came for the science-fiction adventure. Now he's back for the medieval fantasy, and he's grabbing the... [Read More]
This new series about a 16-year-old with a strange power is on the brooding side of the mutant-teenager spectrum. [Read More]
Jean-Xavier de Lestrade, director of "The Staircase," turns to fiction in a pair of mini-series about a French woman's life in reform school and after. [Read More]
I seems I've made a huckleberry friend.Not the blue anthropomorphic hound with the Southern drawl and sweet disposition. Not young Finn, the "ignorant, unwashed, insufficiently... [Read More]
In a six-episode Australian series, an indigenous detective and an outback sergeant team up in classic western fashion. [Read More]
With the medieval-fantasy satire, the creator of "The Simpsons" and "Futurama" throws in a story along with jokes. [Read More]
AMC's 'Breaking Bad' prequel continues to find ways to spin out the adventures of Jimmy McGill, the shyster lawyer who will someday become Saul Goodman. [Read More]