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Martin Sparkman has gone from "menace" to mentor, returning from prison to the Waterbury streets he grew up on to help fellow ex-convicts become successful... [Read More]
For the past four years, ex-convicts looking for work, education or help rejoining society have been hanging out at Hang Time in Bridgeport - informal... [Read More]
An ambitious plan to create a linked greenway trail along the Naugatuck River between Shelton and Torrington will move closer to fruition, thanks to an... [Read More]
For a couple weeks this month, Adrienne King would wait for the sun to go down and the Holy Land cross to light up.Then, it... [Read More]
Community health centers in Waterbury and Torrington will benefit from a part of tens of millions of federal dollars coming to Connecticut to combat the... [Read More]
Laura Chartier calls herself "American first, and four-quarters French." Sitting in the large barroom at the Franco-American Social Club on Store Avenue Wednesday, Cha…... [Read More]
COEUR d’ALENE — It’s a nice way to ensure a successful fundraiser: Wrap your arms around $10,000 before the fu... [Read More]
The Waterbury state delegation, whose co-sponsored legislation successfully helped the city tap into a state funding source to combat youth violence, has divvied up the... [Read More]
If there's one thing people notice about Adam Cronin when they meet him, his mother said, it's his strength.So she's confident, she said, her son... [Read More]
Ella Copeland stood on stage with her father, Grant, and the two clapped rhythmically until all of the nearly 500 people gathered at La Bella... [Read More]
Teams of volunteers are working throughout the month on a tile mosaic that will be erected outside the YMCA on West Main Street."The mosaic is... [Read More]
A few years ago, Abdul Mustafa and his family decided to return to Waterbury for the annual OleSkool Cookout - him from Norfolk, Va., a... [Read More]
K2 is called synthetic marijuana, but that's not really what it is. It's a plant material sprayed with a chemical that can produce a psychoactive... [Read More]
When Roderic Gonzalez walked up to a small table filled with snacks and asked how much the Starburst candies were, 11-year-old Jayden McMillian knew right... [Read More]
The phrase, "You're such a good girl" seems positive enough; even affirming.But a therapist and teacher team from Watertown said the expression is one of... [Read More]
To see the plan: Delivering Government Solutions in the 21st Century," can be viewed at A federal proposal to move food assistance programs from... [Read More]
COEUR d’ALENE ­— Quick: Who’s the Democrat running against Republican Russ Fulcher to be your next congressman... [Read More]
COEUR d’ALENE — Quick: Who’s the Democrat running against Republican Russ Fulcher to be your next congressman? [Read More]
To Learn More or To Help:Uplifting a Life camp, contact Erika Cooper at 203-419-8397. GWIM Kids Club, contact GWIM at 203-757-7734. Let's Go Youth United... [Read More]
Undeterred by gathering storm clouds, a woman who adopted Waterbury as her home city 30 years ago and grew to serve some of its neediest... [Read More]