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In 2017, Miguel Cabrera had the least productive year of a near-certain Hall of of Fame career, though by his lofty standards, even his "least... [Read More]
Miguel Cabrera had the weakest year of his career in 2017, but the Statcast quality-of-contact metrics show that he deserved quite a bit better than... [Read More]
Speculation surrounding a Giancarlo Stanton trade picked up on Monday when's Jon Paul Morosi reported that the slugger's representatives have given the Marlins a... [Read More]
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There were a record-smashing 6,105 home runs during the 2017 Major League Baseball season, an historic year that saw everyone from Giancarlo Stanton to Scooter... [Read More]
Of the record-breaking 6,105 home runs in Major League Baseball in 2017, more than a few stood out for their extreme nature. We already looked... [Read More]
There were a record-setting 6,105 home runs in 2017, and some of the ones that were the most interesting were the ones that came off... [Read More]
There were a record-setting 6,105 home runs in 2017, and the ones that came at the extremes were wild. From the hardest-hit homer to the... [Read More]
Where will Eric Hosmer call home in 2018? There's a few clear fits, yet with a glut of free agent first basemen, his ultimate destination... [Read More]
or should have happened... [Read More]
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