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Roughly 200 miles North of the territory of Hawaii, December 7th, 1941. It's early and the Japanese planes, eventually numbering about 360, are flying off... [Read More]
Mike Stevens thought it time to take a closer look at nature in the PhotoLink Library. Even at this time of year, nature, he finds,... [Read More]
Mike Stevens takes us back in time and down into the earth On The Pennsylvania Road. It's a uniquely different spot in our history, one... [Read More]
When we think of outdoor activities in the month of December, we think of things involving snow or ice; summertime pursuits typically don't come to... [Read More]
Look up in the sky, it's a sunrise or a sunset. Mike Stevens says you can find plenty of both in this visit to the... [Read More]
As fall comes near and summer winds down, some are looking for just a little more garden time. Mike Stevens takes the Pennsylvania Road to... [Read More]
The 163rd Bloomsburg Fair kicks off on Friday. It's one of the biggest events of the year in northeastern and central Pennsylvania. Tens of thousands... [Read More]
Are you one of those people who think all the rainy weather lately has snatched up summer and taken it away? Mike Stevens says, 'Not... [Read More]
The origins of the coal mining industry are tied closely to the place Mike Stevens finds himself On The Pennsylvania Road. Carbon County and a... [Read More]
In the days after September 11, 2001, the skies were empty. Planes were grounded, and flights canceled across the United States for the rest of... [Read More]
This trip Back Down The Pennsylvania Road takes us to Monroe County 20 years ago.  Mike Stevens' journey isn't by car, but by foot. [Read More]
Mike Stevens takes us to a beautiful field of sunflowers, which are in the brilliance of full bloom.... [Read More]
Mike Stevens is ready to open the doors to the Photo Link Library. He says the place is full to overflowing with signs of summer.... [Read More]
Summer is winding down, children are heading back to school and vacations are long over. If you ask our Stormtracker 16 team, meteorological fall has... [Read More]
On this federal holiday, a trip Back Down The Pennsylvania Road to 2002. Mike Stevens rode along with a postal worker in rural Susquehanna County... [Read More]
The PhotoLink Library is opening its doors to finish out our week. Mike Stevens says you may need to look close to see what he's... [Read More]
This weekend is "Railfest 2018" at Steamtown National Historic Site in Scranton. Mike Stevens, ever a lover of trains, thought it needed a bit of... [Read More]
One of the fondest memories of childhood is riding a carousel at the amusement park. Mike Stevens takes us Back Down The Pennsylvania Road to... [Read More]
What started as a rainy, drab week ended with sunshine. That's also what Mike Stevens looked for, and found, in the PhotoLink Library.... [Read More]
Here is your Picture Perfect for 8-25-2018.... [Read More]