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Yakima photographer Leann Jones was out and about in the community last week, attending everything from an annual fundraiser with local firefighters to a celebration... [Read More]
Darlene Frye, 70, grew up in Michigan. She attended Michigan State University, where she majored in biological sciences. She stuck around the university for a... [Read More]
There's nothing better than the fall months in the Yakima Valley. [Read More]
It's the season of the witch, and we're looking at a week of Gothic horror featuring cursed houses. This week's installment of "Get Lit" reviews... [Read More]
Its description on the menu at Kyoto Sushi & Steak House is pretty straightforward. [Read More]
Charles Stanton, 40, hails from Cherryville, N.C. — a small city just outside Charlotte. After attaining a series of hybrid bachelor's and master's degrees in... [Read More]
Oct. 3 is an important day in the land of the pop culture obsessed. [Read More]
Kristin Bradlee sat with a very talkative Joey Liam Silver, who waited for surgery to repair the devastating injury to his leg. Just before Joey... [Read More]
The Yakima School District voted Friday to approve a 2018-19 final contract with the Yakima Education Association, resolving lingering tension over the deal. [Read More]
Blood, Sweat & Tears will replace Survivor at the Central Washington State Fair. [Read More]
The place: Crafted, 22 N. First St., Yakima. [Read More]
The place: Provisions Restaurant & Market, 2710 Terrace Heights Drive, Yakima. [Read More]
Diane Jones, a 4-H superintendent at the Central Washington State Fair for 20 years, shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. [Read More]
They run our favorite restaurants, prepare and serve the food and drinks we love and know what coffee we want before we say a single... [Read More]
First things first: there's nothing better than receiving an invitation to cover something in the Yakima Valley. [Read More]
Summer Derrey, 36, is a spokeswoman for the Washington State Department of Transportation. Originally from Selah, Summer grew up in the Yakima Valley. She returned... [Read More]
Is anyone living "Along the Eastern Slopes" not keeping secrets? [Read More]
While the media may be under fire in the U.S. these days, it's nothing compared to the courage exhibited by journalists elsewhere in the world... [Read More]
Editor's note: This week, SCENE continues a semi- regular feature called Can't-Miss Dish with a steaming hot bowl of deliciousness at a popular downtown eatery. [Read More]
Rebecca Teagarden, 61, is the communications specialist for Virginia Mason Memorial hospital. Born in a bedroom community just south of Cleveland, Ohio, she attended Brunswick... [Read More]