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More of the United States population is foreign-born now than at any time since 1910. Many immigrants came through family reunification policies that the Trump... [Read More]
After an international outcry, President Donald Trump issued an order on June 20 to end family separations. Since then, all but about 400 children have... [Read More]
Even minor misdemeanor convictions are keeping some migrant parents from being reunited with their children, who must remain in federal shelters. [Read More]
When a Guatemalan mother was picked up by the Border Patrol in June, her two children were taken away for nearly two months. Now they... [Read More]
SAN PEDRO SOLOMA, Guatemala — Pablo Domingo isn't getting much sleep these days. He barely eats and can't focus on work. [Read More]
Hundreds of migrant parents were deported from the United States without their children. Back at home, many wonder when, or even if, they will see... [Read More]
Mexican immigrant had a daughter and worked under fake name at farm. [Read More]
Mexican immigrant had a daughter and worked under fake name at farm. [Read More]
Like many who slip across the border, Cristhian Bahena Rivera left almost no official trace until he was charged with the murder of a college... [Read More]
The Trump administration's ruling that domestic abuse and gang violence do not form a basis for asylum has contributed to a sharp drop-off in admissions. [Read More]
A federal judge today upheld his previous order to revive an Obama-era program that shields some 700,000 young immigrants from deportation, saying that the Trump... [Read More]
Parents reunited with young children are reporting mental health issues. One 5-year-old boy has started a new life with his mother in Philadelphia, but signs... [Read More]
The deportations were conducted during the "zero-tolerance" border crackdown. [Read More]
Some advocates said many agreed to be deported quickly with the understanding that it would speed up their ability to recover their children — perhaps... [Read More]
The Trump administration may have deported more than 450 migrant parents without their children after separating them at the U.S. southern border, according to a... [Read More]
"I have offered words of comfort to a suffering mother. How can one not? It does not mean I condone her decisions or actions." [Read More]
As the Trump administration considers building new family detention centers, two physicians who consult for the government urged Congress to block the expansion. [Read More]
Children had to clean toilets, wake up at 6:30 on weekdays and told to not touch each other... [Read More]
Do not misbehave. Do not sit on the floor. Do not share your food. Do not use nicknames. Also, it is best not to cry.... [Read More]
The government is expected to announce that it will streamline the process by which detained children are returned to their parents. [Read More]