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The Obama-era fiduciary rule, intended to protect retirement investors, was doomed to fail by forcing all accounts to be treated similarly. Merrill Lynch's recent about-face... [Read More]
Preparing for a correction or bear market is not about an all-or-nothing decision. It's about making sure you are investing within your risk tolerance. Answer... [Read More]
Preparing for a correction or bear market is not about an all or nothing decision. It's about making sure you are investing within your risk... [Read More]
The bond market event that investors need to be following isn't Trump's sudden attack on the Federal Reserve or the rising interest rates that current... [Read More]
When it comes to retirement investing, the financial industry is obsessed with how much the average American will need. But the first question shouldn't be... [Read More]
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GDP is the best read the stock market has on whether peak earnings will arrive sooner than expected. [Read More]
The most troubling message from this volatile market is that even safe-haven assets aren't so safe anymore. [Read More]
Apple plans to buy the key metal cobalt directly from suppliers. There's a commodities market signal in the move. [Read More]
Bonds are in a bear market due to rising rates. Stocks are falling due to, yes, rising rates. What's left? Cash. [Read More]
Investing in five of the worst-performing stock markets around the globe has beaten international benchmarks — by a lot. [Read More]
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Bitcoin mania is causing investors to miss what may be a better long-term, albeit risky, bet: renewable energy. [Read More]
If Janet Yellen is replaced as Federal Reserve chair, investors should prepare to give up something more: record-low stock market volatility. [Read More]
Dumping the Equifax CEO was the easy part of dealing with the massive hack. Getting rid of your stolen Social Security number will be near... [Read More]
Broad-based stock participation is better than reliance on mega-cap tech stocks. But it is lousy as a timing tool. [Read More]
Weakness in stocks, including Lowe's, Home Depot and Whirlpool, may be a sign the record housing prices can't last. [Read More]
An advisor pens a bullish thesis on the stock market, then proceeds to swiftly dismantle his reasoning. Why? The FANG stocks. [Read More]