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Authorities identified the gunman as Gary Martin, 45, and his relatives said that he was a former worker in the warehouse. [Read More]
The case of Steve Cheatham shows why so many families were pinning their hopes on the bipartisan criminal justice overhaul. For Mr. Cheatham, the reprieve... [Read More]
Jason Van Dyke, convicted of murdering Laquan McDonald, was beaten by fellow prisoners in Connecticut within hours of his arrival, his lawyers and his wife... [Read More]
Officer Jason Van Dyke, who fatally shot the 17 year old in 2014, is on trial for murder. Jurors heard opening statements in the case... [Read More]
The police officer shot Laquan McDonald, a black teenager, 16 times. Officer Jason Van Dyke is the first Chicago police officer to stand trial for... [Read More]
With the intensely watched trial approaching, Chicago Officer Jason Van Dyke gave media interviews, a breach of limits set by the court, a judge found. [Read More]
The murder trial of Officer Jason Van Dyke is part of a reckoning over how the Chicago police treats black residents. Mayor Rahm Emanuel's political... [Read More]
The inmates at North Carolina's Hyde Correctional Institution hung three banners from the prison fence last week as supporters gathered outside. One sign asked for... [Read More]
A nationwide prisoner strike aims to call attention to the low inmate wages, decrepit facilities and harsh sentences that organizers say plague prison populations across... [Read More]
Prisoners are protesting a growing number of deaths in custody and demanding an end to forced or underpaid and unpaid labor. [Read More]
Mexican immigrant had a daughter and worked under fake name at farm. [Read More]
Mexican immigrant had a daughter and worked under fake name at farm. [Read More]
Like many who slip across the border, Cristhian Bahena Rivera left almost no official trace until he was charged with the murder of a college... [Read More]
U.S. President Donald Trump and other conservatives presented Mollie Tibbett's death as proof of the country's lax border security after authorities charged an unauthorized immigrant... [Read More]
Television cameras had for weeks swarmed this small town in Iowa farm country as the police looked for Mollie Tibbetts, the college student who went... [Read More]
Montezuma, Iowa A farmworker accused of killing Mollie Tibbetts, an Iowa college student whose body was found in a remote cornfield this week, appears to... [Read More]
The lawyer for Cristhian Rivera disputed the government's claim that Mr. Rivera was in the country illegally. [Read More]
Nebraska has used fentanyl in its first execution since 1997, becoming the first state to kill a prisoner with the help of the powerful opioid. [Read More]
Gov. Jeff Colyer, who had been trailing Mr. Kobach by 191 votes, received 100 more votes than he initially received credit for in one rural... [Read More]
The Republican primary for governor in Kansas was already much too close to call, with just 191 votes separating Gov. Jeff Colyer from the first-place... [Read More]