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The amended lawsuit, filed by Jemel Roberson's mother, Beatrice Roberson, accuses Midlothian Police Officer Ian Covey of excessive and unjust force. [Read More]
The mayoral debate at Whitney Young — a selective enrollment high school — was organized and moderated completely by students. [Read More]
About 140 teachers could go on strike at four CICS schools, potentially affecting more than 2,200 students. [Read More]
The former Chicago Police Board president also wants a moratorium on new charter schools. [Read More]
The union also wants smaller classes, more staff and librarians and nurses at every school. [Read More]
"It has become clear to me that Fr. Kalchik must take time away from the parish to receive pastoral support," Cupich told Resurrection parishioners. [Read More]
Federal prosecutors say Steven Addison made hundreds of phony reservations, ensuring that about 1,200 restaurant seats go to waste on busy nights. [Read More]
Dart filed the $300,000 lawsuit against one of his employees for allegedly sending emails accusing the sheriff of hitting his wife. [Read More]
The deal with Marriott was struck Thursday afternoon, ending a strike that lasted nearly two weeks, though it continues at 19 more hotels. [Read More]
Protesters gathered Wednesday outside Resurrection Catholic Church, where Rev. Paul Kalchik last week burned an LGBTQ-friendly flag on church grounds. [Read More]
"What have we done wrong other than destroy a piece of propaganda?" Rev. Paul Kalchik said after burning a rainbow flag that once hung at... [Read More]
The Rev. Robert Casey was removed from the ministry for four weeks over a misconduct claim that the state deemed "unfounded," church officials said. [Read More]
The registration requirements announced Friday afternoon gave potential spectators only about three hours to sign up for Monday's hearing. [Read More]
William "Willie" Whitley could have faced up to life in prison after admitting to paying girls as young as 14 for sex. [Read More]
Mayor Rahm Emanuel's former political point person - said Friday that she won't vie for his job. [Read More]
Mayor leaves behind a complicated record on schools, finances and safety. [Read More]
Cupich claims a NBC 5 Chicago report last weekend was edited to suggest he and Pope Francis were downplaying the clergy sex abuse scandal. [Read More]
The community group Enlace Chicago said arrangements for the other 4 children will be announced soon. [Read More]
Chicago Police Officer David DeLeon put his tourniquet training to good use Tuesday to help save a 15-year-old gunshot victim. [Read More]
About a third of fatal fire victims nationally are killed in their sleep, experts say. [Read More]