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Fellow Molly Reynolds describes Senate Democrats' efforts to challenge the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh. [Read More]
Vanessa Williamson's new paper on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act argues that it is unlikely that the law will have a significant effect on... [Read More]
Fellow Molly Reynolds discusses the Senate's "minibus" appropriations strategy—packaging spending legislation in a few small bills rather than one larger "omnibus" bill. Reynolds analyzes whether... [Read More]
A recent change to the appropriations process has been to combine spending bills into "minibuses" in order to keep the government funded. The strategy may... [Read More]
Mitch McConnell's stated plan to cancel the Senate's August recess isn't necessarily a sure thing. The Democrats may be amenable to making a deal to... [Read More]
Molly Reynolds, fellow in Governance Studies, discusses the $15 billion rescission proposal the White House sent Congress earlier this week and the prospects of it... [Read More]
Trump initiated the recission process by sending a proposal for Congress to roll back $15 billion in previously allocated spending. It's more likely to find... [Read More]
Despite his promises, Paul Ryan failed to deliver a positive Republican agenda. [Read More]
The Senate rule hasn't stopped the G.O.P. from legislating — party divisions have. [Read More]
In February, Congress reached a long-awaited budget deal to set overall levels of discretionary federal spending for this year and next. Included in the package... [Read More]
Governance Studies fellows Molly Reynolds, and Scott R. Anderson, analyze the new joint resolution in Congress which encourages President Trump to rescind United States support... [Read More]
Despite promises to "let a thousand flowers bloom," last week the Senate was anything but a fruitful garden. After two days of fits-and-starts efforts to... [Read More]