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Democrats stood by Clinton in the '90s because they thought it was in their political interest, and they batted back attempts during the 2016 election... [Read More]
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Subtly or not, it signals a certain virtuousness. [Read More]
It's good that things are changing. The bad part is, they might not be changing enough. [Read More]
This did not go over well. [Read More]
A single employee was able to click the leader of the free world's unfiltered channel to its inhabitants into nonexistence. [Read More]
He's in charge of nuclear research and development, not singing the praises of coal and crude oil. [Read More]
These men serve at the pleasure of the president, so they are doomed to disappoint. [Read More]
By the time Kid Rock withdrew last Tuesday from a Senate race he never entered, he had already won. The 46-year-old Detroit rapper turned rocker... [Read More]
If George H.W. Bush can't help himself, someone else should help him. [Read More]
Why didn't anyone do anything about it? [Read More]
Kid Rock is not Middle America. Kid Rock is Kid Rock. [Read More]
Continuing to talk only about who's a liar relegates the tragedy of these soldiers' deaths to the status of a sideshow. [Read More]
Whether or not the Scaramucci Post produced anything even verging on worthwhile, its inventor always vowed that "we're going to turn it into a big... [Read More]
This is the hallway, bathroom and barroom warnings passed between women for generations. [Read More]
His real targets are his fans. [Read More]
This firestorm may have been avoidable. [Read More]
Marsha Blackburn owes Twitter one big thank-you. By rejecting an ad for the Tennessee congresswoman's fledgling Senate campaign that mentioned Planned Parenthood selling "baby body... [Read More]
Americans' reluctance to identify with people who have had abortions does not stop even when they or their partner have had (or planned to have)... [Read More]