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When the financial crisis of 2008 hit, Brad Katsuyama worked on Wall Street as an investor for the Royal Bank of Canada. For some time,... [Read More]
that search results are skewed against right-wing content... [Read More]
With so many reports about hacks and breeches, are security staff getting burnt out? [Read More]
Free food is a legendary perk of working at a tech company. The cafeterias at Apple, Google, and Facebook are almost like a tourist attraction.... [Read More]
Hackers, probably Russian, successfully broke into electric utilities last summer. Homeland security officials revealed those intrusions for the first time last week. There were also... [Read More]
Let's talk about screen time. Every parent is struggling with the question: How much screen time is too much? But the debate is deeper than... [Read More]
From recommendations to notifications to endless scrolling that never stops giving you something new, today's tech is designed to be irresistible. But some designers of... [Read More]
This week, we're looking at the grand bargain of technology — the trade-offs we make for convenience, connectivity and targeted ads — and how that... [Read More]
Whether it's YouTube video recommendations, robotic toys or talking digital assistants like Amazon's Alexa, there is a debate about how much tech products are designed... [Read More]
Between social media, election meddling, privacy concerns and fears of internet addiction, we are at a time when we are re-evaluating the grand bargain that... [Read More]
In 1975, "Jaws" became the first movie to gross over $100 million. Its success made it the first summer blockbuster . This summer's shark offering... [Read More]
The Trump administration this week decided against the hard trade restrictions it had been considering against China, but it's still planning on new tariffs on... [Read More]
President Donald Trump has directed the Pentagon to create a sixth branch of the military called the Space Force. It was proposed last year as... [Read More]
YouTube has had a bad year. One of its biggest stars, Logan Paul, filmed the body of a suicide victim. Advertisers boycotted over inappropriate content,... [Read More]
By now, you've probably seen them. Heart-wrenching images of parents and children separated and the southwest border, sent to jail or youth detention centers. The... [Read More]
The blood-testing startup Theranos is now firmly in disgrace. Founder Elizabeth Holmes was indicted Friday on federal wire fraud charges and has resigned as the... [Read More]
Federal Communications Commission Chair Ajit Pai was on something of a victory lap Monday when he talked with Kai on Marketplace about the repeal of... [Read More]
Steph Curry's buzzer-beating three-pointer from Game 2 of the NBA Finals has been relived millions of times on Instagram. But not on the Golden State... [Read More]
Apple CEO Tim Cook hasn't been shy in recent weeks about taking shots at Facebook over user privacy. So it was reasonable to think that... [Read More]
It's the Make Me Smart blockchain challenge! [Read More]