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Insurgent threats to families, along with high-profile attacks that kill many soldiers, have dissuaded Afghans from signing up in crucial recruiting areas. [Read More]
With violence against Shiites on the rise in Afghanistan, officials fear that Iran could use its Afghan force to intervene in a new proxy war. [Read More]
Air strikes carried out by the U.S. military killed at least 13 civilians Saturday in the northern Afghan province of Kunduz, according to residents and... [Read More]
Residents of the restive province of Kunduz said the Taliban forced them to retrieve their dead after a night of fighting, when U.S. aircraft struck... [Read More]
Officials and diplomats in Afghanistan are increasingly worried that the proliferation of heroin labs is one of the most troubling turns yet in the long... [Read More]
Officials and diplomats are increasingly worried that the proliferation of heroin-refining operations is one of the most troubling turns yet in the long struggle to... [Read More]
The Taliban have begun refining opium on their own, rather than exporting the raw ingredients, giving the militants even less reason to negotiate. [Read More]
A US service member was killed and six others wounded in a helicopter crash south of Kabul, the US military command in Afghanistan said in... [Read More]
Version of image released by office of President Ashraf Ghani is missing tell-tale signs that would give away fact it was a US military facility... [Read More]
As the secretary of state met the Afghan president, both sides said the meeting was in Kabul. A doctored photo betrayed the real location. [Read More]
Just as on any other day, Zareen Gul, 60, held the hand of her grandson, Ali Seyar Nazari, 10, and left home to attend the... [Read More]
More than 200 people, both civilians and security personnel, have been killed in the past week in Afghanistan in six attacks. [Read More]
Witnesses said the number of casualties could be as much as 50 dead, and people protested the Afghan government's inability to protect the country's Shiites. [Read More]
An Afghan Army unit in the south of the country was almost completely wiped out Thursday, defense officials said, in a Taliban attack that used... [Read More]
Forty-three soldiers were killed after militants drove stolen Humvees packed with explosives into an army base, mirroring a tactic used in two recent attacks. [Read More]
At least 46 Afghan police officers, including a senior general, were killed in two separate Taliban attacks on Tuesday, officials said, highlighting the heavy cost... [Read More]
Taliban fighters sent a truck bomb into the provincial police headquarters in Paktia. [Read More]
'No one has intentionally killed the child or carried out any other abuse on them'... [Read More]
After the northern Afghan city of Kunduz fell to the Taliban in 2015, Naqibullah, 23, set off for Europe. He had worked as a contracted... [Read More]
A small Kabul newspaper stirs the country's chaotic democracy, all the while facing financial worries and wondering just how much power it has to bring... [Read More]