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As the seconds ticked by, the pilot handed the controls to his co-pilot and flipped through the pages of a technical manual, trying to figure... [Read More]
Indonesian investigators described the sounds emanating from the cockpit as the flight crew fought to take control of a plane that seemed almost magnetically propelled... [Read More]
The number of victims is expected to rise as rescuers search for survivors in Sentani, a town in the province of Papua that was flooded... [Read More]
Resorts and shops on the resort island of Lombok are slowly repairing and reopening after a deadly quake. Videos of tourists waiting hours for rescue... [Read More]
Narto, with his seemingly miraculous escape, has become something of a local Lombok celebrity. [Read More]
"I saved myself," said one of a handful of survivors pulled from the rubble after a powerful earthquake hit the resort island of Lombok. [Read More]
Narto Aryadi spent 12 hours digging his way to freedom through quake debris. [Read More]
The soccer teammates say sorry to their rescuers after a remarkable international effort to extract them. [Read More]
Before they were found, they tried to dig out of cave. [Read More]
The soccer teammates say sorry to their rescuers, after a remarkable international effort to extract them from a flooded cave in northern Thailand. [Read More]
'The whole world was watching, so we had to succeed,' said Kaew, a Thai navy Seal who shook his head in amazement at how each... [Read More]
Tech billionaire's proposal to save trapped football team was previously dismissed as impractical... [Read More]
Thailand may have use for Elon Musk's "kid-sized" submarine after all. [Read More]
It took plastic cocoons and anti-anxiety pills, bravery and providence, to save the soccer team. "So many things could have gone wrong," said one official. [Read More]
The tech billionaire sent 10 engineers to Thailand and designed a submersible vehicle using rocket parts, but it was not used in the narrow cave. [Read More]
The military may use the tiny submarine for future rescues, though it was deemed too large and impractical to save the soccer team in the... [Read More]
Seven members of the team and its coach remained in the cavern complex, where they became trapped more than two weeks ago. Four boys were... [Read More]
THAM LUANG CAVE, Thailand — Divers began an effort to rescue 12 boys and their soccer coach Sun... [Read More]
THAM LUANG CAVE, Thailand -- An underwater effort to try to rescue 12 boys and their soccer coach stranded for two weeks in the flooded... [Read More]
Boulders, wild currents, tight passages and thinning air obstruct efforts to save 12 Thai boys and their coach in Thailand. [Read More]