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Koch Industries said on Friday that it backs House lawmakers who want a budget resolution to come out against a border-adjustment tax. [Read More]
"The time has long since passed to get to 'yes' on healthcare, tax reform, and infrastructure investment," Tom Donohue wrote. [Read More]
Ryan spoke about tax reform at a New Balance factory in Massachusetts. [Read More]
The Senate Finance Committee unanimously advanced David Kautter's nomination to be assistant secretary of the Treasury for tax policy. [Read More]
The tax plan administration officials released in April proposed lowering the corporate rate from 35 percent to 15 percent. [Read More]
The speaker's remarks will come days after the Senate's effort to repeal and immediately replace ObamaCare fell apart. [Read More]
The GOP's setback on healthcare is raising pressure on Republicans to deliver a win for their party and the White House on taxes ahead of... [Read More]
"Our tax plan is going to put American companies, including our retailers, back on a path to jobs and growth and better competitiveness," Pence said... [Read More]
Senate Finance Chairman Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) asked stakeholders for their recommendations. [Read More]
Americans for Prosperity views the idea as counterproductive to tax reform. [Read More]
The nonprofit sector is pressuring lawmakers and the White House to protect the charitable tax deduction.The tax-reform plans released by the Trump administration and House... [Read More]
The bipartisan bill passed the House last year but wasn't considered in the Senate. [Read More]
The Senate's revised healthcare bill would keep ObamaCare taxes on high earners. [Read More]
Democrats say they have little reason to believe that Republicans are serious about doing tax reform on a bipartisan basis, saying they have yet to... [Read More]
"The BAT is bad policy, it's dead-on-arrival in the Senate, and it's undermining efforts to unify Americans behind a positive vision for bold tax reform,"... [Read More]
The tax cuts would "disproportionately" go to high-income households, according to the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center. [Read More]
Groups representing state and local governments are stepping up their efforts to preserve the deduction for state and local taxes. [Read More]
The Treasury Secretary pushed back on a news report that White House Chief strategist Steve Bannon is pushing for an increase in the top rate. [Read More]
The Club for Growth said "under no circumstances" should the investment tax be part of a Republican healthcare bill. [Read More]
Trump issued an executive order directing Treasury to review significant tax rules. [Read More]