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When it comes to the "Star Wars" saga, each individual film is either a praised classic or a disowned abomination; there is no middle ground.... [Read More]
"Deadpool" was a surprise hit when it showed in theaters in 2016, an R-rated Marvel superhero film that met or exceeded all expectations at the... [Read More]
Casey Cagle has served as lieutenant governor of Georgia for the past 11 years, but he has his sights set on assuming Nathan Deal's position... [Read More]
Kevin Feige, I hope you know what you're doing. [Read More]
Yo Gotti has been invited to perform at the University Union Spring Concert in Stegman Coliseum on Wednesday, April 25 at 8 p.m. [Read More]
It's a shame when all the funny parts of a comedy are in the movie's two-minute trailer, as is the case with "Blockers." Not only... [Read More]
"I get that reference." [Read More]
This morning, the contentious Georgia free speech bill passed the House of Representatives, 110-57. [Read More]
"Pacific Rim: Uprising" is nothing more than how you might describe it to a friend: It's giant robots fighting giant alien monsters. [Read More]
Masked man breaks into liquor store... [Read More]
Masked man breaks into liquor store... [Read More]
Believe, Deliver and One UGA are running for the SGA executive ticket. Campaigning started March 19 and continues until online voting on March 26-28. [Read More]
It's nice that SyFy Channel had enough money for a theatrical release of its latest ridiculous weather-based disaster film. [Read More]
Three names will appear on the Athens mayoral ballot in May. [Read More]
Nathan Hunt has not always gone by "Nathan." [Read More]
Andre Ruff has been sentenced to 15 years in the case of Michael Cho's death. [Read More]
Imagine the original "Die Hard," a true classic that put Bruce Willis on the map as an action hero. Now imagine it less epic, less... [Read More]
Russia seems to be everywhere in the news nowadays, so why not bring it back to the cinema? After all, the Cold War was the... [Read More]
Over three years after former University of Georgia student Min Seok "Michael" Cho was shot and killed during a drug-deal-gone-wrong, Andre Ruff, the third and... [Read More]
There's nothing outstanding about "Game Night," but with most movies in the romantic/group comedy genres, it's not about what's great, but rather about what's terrible. [Read More]