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The Trump administration is set to roll out a new policy that could reshape how employers offer insurance coverage.The proposal, which will be announced Tuesday,... [Read More]
The Trump administration is ratcheting up its fight with the drug industry, with a new proposal that would force drugmakers to disclose their prices in... [Read More]
Welcome to Tuesday's edition of Overnight Health Care.Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) gave an interview to Bloomberg today, and made some remarks that have... [Read More]
Welcome to Monday's edition of Overnight Health Care.The Trump administration and the pharmaceutical industry are battling over drug pricing transparency and a new report out... [Read More]
Prescription drug advertisements on television will soon direct patients to more information about the cost of prescription drugs under new principles agreed to by members... [Read More]
Welcome to Thursday's edition of Overnight Health Care.Bernie Sanders wrote his own response to President Trump's criticism of "Medicare for all" and a House committee... [Read More]
Welcome to Wednesday's edition of Overnight Health Care. President Trump was driving much of the health care conversation today, but for once it was not because of... [Read More]
Senate Democratic Leader Charles Schumer (N.Y.) said President Trump's USA Today op-ed ripping "Medicare for all" was full of misinformation meant to deliberately mislead the... [Read More]
E-cigarette maker Juul is ramping up its Washington lobbying operation as it tries to head off potential regulatory threats from the Trump administration and Congress. [Read More]
The embrace of "Medicare for all" shows that the Democratic party has "gone off the rails," House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) said Monday.In a speech... [Read More]
Welcome to Friday's edition of Overnight Health Care.We haven't written much about Brett Kavanaugh this week, but Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) gave us an opening.All... [Read More]
Public health advocates are sounding the alarm over President Trump's decision to divert nearly $200 million from health programs to fund the detention of unaccompanied... [Read More]
Premiums for ObamaCare plans in Maryland will drop an average of 13 percent next year, state officials announced Friday, a dramatic departure from what insurers... [Read More]
Welcome to Thursday's Overnight Health Care. It's been a busy day on the Brett Kavanaugh front. [Read More]
A top White House health official on Thursday defended a decision to shift money from health efforts in order to help pay to house detained... [Read More]
The Food and Drug Administration is launching a new advertising campaign aimed at educating teenagers about the dangers of vaping.The "Real Cost" campaign will target... [Read More]
Welcome to Monday's Overnight Health Care. The House is out all week, but the Senate is going to have to deal with the new allegation... [Read More]
Federal antitrust authorities have given a green light to Cigna's $52 billion takeover of pharmacy benefit manager Express Scripts, the two companies announced Monday.The merged... [Read More]
President Trump on Monday urged the Senate to pass legislation banning "gag clauses" that prevent pharmacists from telling customers when they can save money on... [Read More]
Welcome to Friday's Overnight Health Care. The weekend is almost here. If you don't get our newsletter, click here to subscri... [Read More]