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The inaugural version of the course has seen more than 21,000 students registering, and it seems IBM wasn't ready for this onslaught. [Read More]
Cryptocurrency exchange desk ShapeShift recently announced that it's abandoning its "no accounts" model of trading, and the community is not impressed. [Read More]
Users of cryptocurrency exchange desk ShapeShift will no longer be able to trade digital assets without giving away their identity information. [Read More]
A tweet from Bitcoin's self-proclaimed creator Craig Wright has got the entire cryptocurrency community turning to calculators. [Read More]
It seems China's crackdown on cryptocurrencies doesn't extend to the dark web. A hacker is selling the per % sonal data of over 130M people... [Read More]
If you thought blockchain was completely useless as a technology, Microsoft is out to prove you wrong — by taking care of those spam marketing... [Read More]
China is showing no intention of slowing down its cryptocurrency crackdown. China's "BAT" is banning cryptocurrency-related activities from their platforms. [Read More]
The agency rejected all the nine Bitcoin ETF proposals filed by ProShares, Direxion and GraniteShares in three separate orders. [Read More]
Report suggests that Bitmain is losing its technological advantage over its competitors in producing the cryptocurrency mining chips. [Read More]
It appears that Russia is ready to challenge China's monopoly over cryptocurrency mining. [Read More]
Nearly eight months after BitConnect pulled one of the most iconic exit scams in cryptocurrency history, the authorities across the globe are... [Read More]
The Reserve Bank of India ruling may have killed legitimate cryptocurrency businesses in the country, but sly frausters are still around. [Read More]
A lot of cryptocurrency news has been coming out of India lately, and not for good.  The country's largest political party, the Indian National Congress... [Read More]
From bankers to academics, Bitcoin has always attracted a loud crowd of naysayers. While most of the skeptics have gradually changed their tune, there's one... [Read More]
It seems that Indian Supreme Court's decision to uphold the central bank's directive against cryptocurrency businesses is taking its toll already. Zebpay is disabling the... [Read More]
Cryptocurrency crimes defy borders, and regulatory bodies are collaborating internationally to fight them. The US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has allied with tax authorities from... [Read More]
Getting more women into the industry is talk of the town, and it seems cryptocurrency businesses are using it to fuel their advertising. [Read More]
The 'USD-backed' cryptocurrency Tether (USDT) is struck with another market manipulation controversy. A Bloomberg report published today suggests the possibility of wash trading of Tether... [Read More]
EOS, the world's fifth largest cryptocurrency, has been mired in chaos over 'governance,' ever since its blockchain went live earlier this month., the currency's... [Read More]
is ready to foray deeper into the cryptocurrency space. The firm announced a $300 million cryptocurrency fund in a blog post on Monday. [Read More]