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In carefully staged photographs made with miniature cars, tiny model buildings and a cheap camera, he created Elgin Park on Flickr. Millions have visited. [Read More]
In a long career cut short by cancer, she earned three Tony nominations in just six years, for performances in "Passion," "Ragtime" and "Kiss Me,... [Read More]
After a career as one of Russia's most popular singers, Mr. Kobzon served in the nation's parliament and became a strong ally of Vladimir Putin. [Read More]
Ms. Maslen created Bob Books, simple stories simply illustrated, and thereby helped teach countless youngsters to read. [Read More]
He played with top bandleaders like Stan Kenton, as well as with celebrities like Marlon Brando, and helped fuel the Latin jazz genre. [Read More]
His syndicated TV show was omnipresent during the 1980s and '90s, and his instantly recognizable voice and delivery were widely parodied. [Read More]
A well-regarded singing career brought her some fame, but probably not as much as her small part as Vito Corleone's wife. [Read More]
In her teaching and in books like "Black Womanist Ethics," Dr. Cannon sought to escape the white- and male-centered views of religion. [Read More]
Whether in her home state of Minnesota or in Washington, Ms. Fraser urged women to fight for their rights. [Read More]
In 1997, he spent four days in an air pocket of his overturned boat after encountering a storm during an around-the-world race. [Read More]
She was White House social secretary during tragic times, then continued to advise the family for decades. [Read More]
His satires were not well received by the Soviet authorities, and in 1980 he thought it best to live in the West until things thawed... [Read More]
As a top aide to Mamie Eisenhower, she kept the White House social scene organized. Then, with a co-author, she wrote the book on the... [Read More]
She enlisted in the nursing corps during World War II, not expecting to make a career out of the Navy. But in 1972, she broke... [Read More]
Mr. Howard often acted as spokesman for the party during incendiary events. But he was also adept at organizing community programs. [Read More]
Married to Woolf's nephew, she was a last link to the famed Bloomsbury Group, and also part of the wartime art-preservation unit known as the... [Read More]
Dr. Brower was a leading expert on the monarch and its awe-inspiring migratory journey, which could cover thousands of miles. [Read More]
Although the character embodied by Robin Williams was largely a fictional construct, Mr. Cronauer's signature wake-up line was real. [Read More]
Mr. Beach's many Broadway roles also included Lumière, the genial candelabra, in the original cast of "Beauty and the Beast." [Read More]
Mr. Stormer's self-published 1964 book, warning of a Communist conspiracy threatening America, became a grass-roots phenomenon for the right wing. [Read More]