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U.S. voters strongly support "building a fence in high crime areas along the U.S.-Mexico border," says a new poll. ... [Read More]
The New York Times' editors have posted an op-ed urging open borders. [Read More]
Most of 2014's C. American Children and Youths Still in Court Process... [Read More]
Amid diversity, people will be 'struggling to understand each other.'... [Read More]
But 57 percent of GOP voters Say Politicians' Promises Are Insincere. [Read More]
The government should allow farm companies to import an army of minimum-wage foreign workers to pick and process the fruits preferred by upper-income consumers, according to... [Read More]
Secret Amnesty for 350,000 Illegals Is Being Phased Out... [Read More]
More Foreign Workers Mean Fewer Wage-Increases for Trump's Votes. [Read More]
President Donald Trump will meet with GOP leaders this afternoon to talk about immigration, amid growing pressure from business leaders to approve a big amnesty... [Read More]
Homan's enforcement raises wages for Americans, but cost him his job... [Read More]
Prisons 'will use biological sex as the initial determination.'... [Read More]
'A significant number of Americans are actually happy,' says Brown... [Read More]
The Democratic Party is being dragged to the cultural left by its growing cohort of professional-class voters, says a survey by the Wall Street Journal.... [Read More]
Flores loophole now releases migrants with children after 20 days. [Read More]
Mainstream populist media has taken over much of the Republican Party's former role, says Thomas Edsall, a reform-minded, old-school liberal columnist at the New York Times. ... [Read More]
Ellison promises cheaper labor for Party donors with open borders slogan... [Read More]
A poll shows that President Donald Trump's approval rating has spiked since April 27 -- prompting the Reuters/Ipsos polling team to quarantine their own data. ... [Read More]
President Donald Trump's deputies are debating whether to protect U.S. research by limiting the hiring of Chinese technology graduates, according to leaked reports provided to... [Read More]
Mike DeWine, a GOP primary candidate for the Ohio gubernatorial race, agreed to attend a 2006 fundraiser with leaders of a local mosque that was tightly... [Read More]
The Washington Post is warning migrants in the Honduran 'caravan' that they may be criminally prosecuted for trying to evade border guards this weekend, even if they bring... [Read More]