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The Center for Immigration Studies masquerades as a respectable conservative group, but once in a while the mask slips. We caught them again his week! [Read More]
A new poll that came out just today suggests that Texas, of all states, isn't nearly as safe for Trump's Republican Party as it looks.... [Read More]
As John McCain's absence in the Senate grows, Arizona Republicans are preparing for the worst. They want to change the rules, on the fly, to... [Read More]
Jim Clyburn is under growing pressure to step aside and let young blood run for Congress. His daughter just abruptly quit from the FCC.... [Read More]
The Republicans are favored in the race to replace Jeff Flake in the Senate, but three Arizona Republicans are jockeying to be the nominee. Can... [Read More]
Billy Mitchell, video game star The King of Kong, had all of his records removed from Twin Galaxies. The accusations against him have conclusive... [Read More]
Dennis Ross of Florida is quitting his Florida House seat to spend more time with his family. This is more terrible news for a... [Read More]
Henry McMaster took over as Governor of South Carolina after Nikki Haley left to become UN Ambassador. Does the party want to keep him there?... [Read More]
Smoking cigarettes kills smokers and the people around them. So why is Rhode Island set to place an 80% punitive tax on anti-cigarette devices? Quitting... [Read More]
Americans for and against Donald Trump are quickly losing faith in the news, according to this new poll. It's not just a partisan effect. [Read More]
Dictators keep power by stopping opponents from talking to each other. Facebook's "ugly truth" memo is about communication, and ultimately about the price of freedom. [Read More]
Donald Trump managed to win Pennsylvania in 2016, but buyer's remorse seems to be setting in as the state turns HARD against Trump and his... [Read More]
Baseball's back! It's time to celebrate Opening Day! [Read More]
Julian Assange has been hiding from the law in the Ecuadorean embassy in London for years now. But only now has he been entirely... [Read More]
PragerU sued to get their (excellent) videos included in Youtube's kid-friendly browsing mode, but lost. Should they have won? YouTube's Restricted Mode is not the... [Read More]
Some matters go beyond trade. When American infrastructure is under attack, we must keep our adversaries from taking control. So this week, FCC is taking... [Read More]
It's been a bumpy ride for Republicans this year, but sometimes the bumps jolt up. Shocking improvement for the GOP in the Generic Ballot this... [Read More]