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Anadolu Agency/Getty KHAN AL-AHMAR, West Bank—Donald Trump has declared (diplomatic) war against the Palestinians. The latest in a long series of punitive sanctions took... [Read More]
What happens when private firms have cyberweapons as powerful as those owned by governments? [Read More]
Cuts could deepen economic crisis in the West Bank and Gaza and lead to violence. [Read More]
The Platform, a tech center and community hub, opened last year in former bus station offices with the goal of invigorating the low-income Neve Shaanan... [Read More]
Jalaa Marey/Getty GOLAN HEIGHTS – Amid all the surreal talk of "Pakistani gentlemen," "Hillary's servers," and "witch-hunts" earlier this week in Helsinki, Donald Trump and... [Read More]
Courtesy of Neri Zilber Me'ilya, ISRAEL—The aromatic smell of anise, a close olfactory cousin of licorice, was already evident in the parking lot, tucked in... [Read More]
Thomas Coex/Getty TEL AVIV—Israeli villages bordering the Gaza Strip were awakened early Tuesday morning to a familiar sound: "Code Red" incoming rocket sirens. This first... [Read More]
Getty KISSUFIM, Israel—From a hill outside this southern Israeli village, farmland stretches out below until it hits a small forest.  Right beyond that is the... [Read More]
Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast TEL AVIV—Ehud Barak—Israel's most decorated soldier, former army chief of staff, and former prime minister—was in an introspective and... [Read More]
Setai Tel Aviv JAFFA, Israel – Jaffa, an ancient port city on the Mediterranean Sea, has had many visitors come and go during its nine-thousand-year... [Read More]
Each side has set red lines that could easily be crossed. TEL AVIV — In the early hours of April 9, Israeli fighter jets bombed... [Read More]
JACK GUEZ TEL AVIV, Israel – The global party circuit is, for those in the know, full of underrated events. The fire of Valencia's Las... [Read More]
GALI TIBBON TEL AVIV, Israel—Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is fighting to save his career in a battle against Israel's police force, which has recommended... [Read More]
Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast TEL AVIV, Israel—Midday Monday, two uniformed Israeli soldiers mistakenly drove into downtown Jenin, a Palestinian city in the northern... [Read More]
With Trump-like defiance, Bibi says he's a victim of conspiracies. But when a key aide turns state's evidence, 'It's like taking a fly off the... [Read More]
Questions of security and sovereignty between Israelis and Palestinians have once again come to a deadly collision—this time at one of the holiest sites in... [Read More]
Behind the scenes and away from the headlines, the Israeli government is finding partners across the Middle East. But will it lead to peace? [Read More]
Plowing a car or truck through crowds was used to horrifying effect in Nice and Berlinand Sunday in Israel, where such attacks began. [Read More]
Plowing a car or truck through crowds was used to horrifying effect in Nice and Berlin—and Sunday in Israel, where such attacks began. [Read More]
The criminal case against Israel's prime minister has been opened. But the specifics are secret and the politics complicated. [Read More]