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Barack Obama was called the 'best gun salesman on the planet'. But with Trump in the White House, gun companies' sales are down, and profits... [Read More]
Donald Trump's freewheeling speech in Phoenix – during which he rounded on the media, attacked critics on his own side and threatened to shut down... [Read More]
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Mike Pence for president, I say — president of the United States Senate. It’s just the assignment for a pickle like this, when President Trump... [Read More]
A day after Donald Trump delivered a blistering attack on the media and critics inside his own Republican Party, the US president has called for... [Read More]
A 96-year-old World War II veteran hailed as an American D-Day war hero after surviving a fierce battle against the Germans on the cliffs of... [Read More]
Donald Trump is escalating the cold war with his own party leadership, using campaign rallies and Twitter to chastise Mitch McConnell, the most senior Republican... [Read More]
The 'funny little hack' started a decade ago with #barcamp. Now 125m of them are shared daily on Twitter alone — but we've also seen... [Read More]
In the event of a major disease outbreak, airlines need to have procedures that minimize exposure to potentially sick travelers, rather than ones that minimize... [Read More]
Scott Baio's politics may trump his acting career. [Read More]
Be careful of scammers pretending to be Robert Downey Jr. on the internet. [Read More]
In an excerpt from the former presidential candidate's forthcoming memoir, she describes sharing a stage with Donald Trump 'looming' behind her... [Read More]
A drunken driver in Florida turned a parking lot into his own personal demolition derby, smashing into 17 cars while trying to park his Chevy... [Read More]
Healthy doesn't mean harmless... [Read More]
Labeling for GM foods is not required by law in the US or Canada, but surveys show consumers want their food — particularly transgenic animals... [Read More]
James Clapper, the former US director of national intelligence and retired lieutenant general, has openly questioned Donald Trump's fitness to be president. [Read More]
Donald Trump defended his response to the Charlottesville white supremacist violence in a divisive Arizona speech on Tuesday night, rebuking the "very dishonest media" for... [Read More]
A judge was ambushed and shot by a plaintiff outside a court building before returning fire in a gun battle that left the assailant dead.Judge... [Read More]
There's already a fairly robust start to a charging system for EVs, but most of its privately owned. A new plan wants to open it... [Read More]