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Added humidity could make daytime highs feel like 43C while cold front could bring thunderstorms to Midwest... [Read More]
For the first time in 68 years, the British Open has come to lovely and, for the moment, soggy Royal Portrush. Which also means that... [Read More]
Seven artists say participation in Whitney Biennial 'untenable' as pressure grows on Warren Kanders to step down... [Read More]
The collapse last week of the only criminal case against the disgraced Hollywood star Kevin Spacey will set off alarm bellsfor prosecutors pursuing numerous #MeToo... [Read More]
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez unloaded on President Trump on Saturday, bashing his immigration policy as one that focuses on "ethnicity and racism." [Read More]
Officials examine whether police violated rules related to Epstein's work-release program and insist 'all aspects will be fully investigated'... [Read More]
The summer's first heat wave landed Saturday on a sweat-soaked city where New Yorkers kept their cool by splashing in sprinklers or sitting in air... [Read More]
The Argentine-American architect designed some of the world's tallest buildings... [Read More]
Severe heat expected across much of eastern US but MTA spokesman says temperatures not to blame for latest Manhattan breakdown... [Read More]
Management said it was 'actively evaluating opportunities' as collapse of the store would be a significant, symbolic blow to retail... [Read More]
The first time Matt Esler was attacked, he did not know what had hit him. He was walking by a lake on an afternoon in... [Read More]
The Scullery, a Greenville, N.C., diner had a good night Wednesday, serving more than 500 customers and bringing in more than $5,600 in sales. Visitors... [Read More]
A British-flagged oil tanker was seized by Iran on Friday night and was heading towards a Revolutionary Guard base, in a major escalation of tensions... [Read More]
Actress Rain Pryor Vane has thrown her hat in the ring for a Baltimore's City Council seat. [Read More]
Israel will allow Rep. Ilhan Omar and Rep. Rashida Tlaib to visit Jewish state and the West Bank despite their harsh criticism and support for... [Read More]
Alerts in place for states as far apart as New Mexico and Maine as scientists say climate crisis expected to make heatwaves the 'new normal'... [Read More]
Ex-college football player Matt Branch, 30, shot on hunting trip by Labrador named Tito, who stepped on gun and pulled trigger with paw... [Read More]
Your best bet for summer brunch: a sunny spot where you can get frosty tikis, fish tacos, or Hawaiian-style spam fried rice. [Read More]
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President says media overplayed the crowd's chanting 'send her back' at his rally despite his daughter urging him to repudiate the racist chant... [Read More]