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The president's critics are ever more willing to explicitly call him racist. [Read More]
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Stephen Bannon was ousted from the helm of Breitbart News on Tuesday, marking a new low in an extraordinary fall. ... [Read More]
The idea of a possible presidential run by Oprah Winfrey is raising fresh questions about the degree to which celebrity can — or should —... [Read More]
For all the fire and the fury ignited in Washington this week by Michael Wolff's book of the same name, the political landscape has been... [Read More]
"Time of death: 1:20 p.m," said one former Trump aide when asked about Bannon's future. [Read More]
A firestorm over former chief strategist Steve Bannon is consuming the White House with the new year only days old. ... [Read More]
A fix for DACA is one of the most urgent issues on the congressional agenda but the politics of the subject are complicated, especially for... [Read More]
His second year in office is bound to bring surprises. [Read More]
President Trump won't be making any move to push special counsel Robert Mueller out — yet.That's the main takeaway from Trump's interview with the New... [Read More]
President Trump's first year in office has produced a relentless stream of controversies.Trump's willingness to flout political norms has outraged his critics, even while it... [Read More]
The disconnect between liberal grassroots activists and Democratic leaders is growing. [Read More]
The Republican tax plan won congressional approval on Wednesday and will soon be signed by President Trump. [Read More]
President Trump is overseeing a robust economy - and receiving little political dividend for it.Now, the question is whether the near-certain passage of a tax-reform... [Read More]
Team Trump is bracing for negative revelations from Omarosa Manigault Newman after she resigned from the White House in disputed circumstances on Wednesday. [Read More]
Both parties are drawing lessons from Alabama as the smoke begins to clear from Tuesday's stunning special election result. [Read More]
Democrat Doug Jones won the special Senate election in Alabama on Tuesday — easily the biggest political upset of the Trump era to date. [Read More]
Many Republicans are hoping that the GOP candidate loses Alabama's Senate race on Tuesday. [Read More]
These days, some Democrats are willing to take a less forgiving look at Clinton. [Read More]
His moves broke with decades of precedent. [Read More]