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No one was hurt when a small, private plane ran off a runway at Richmond International Airport on Wednesday morning. [Read More]
After almost a decade of work, the Virginia Women's Monument was officially unveiled at the State Capitol on Monday. [Read More]
Entertainer Queen Latifah appeared in Richmond Tuesday to help celebrate 400 years of women's achievements in Virginia at the Women's Achieve Summit. All 14,000 tickets... [Read More]
Police are investigating a Monday morning crash that involved a school bus and a tractor trailer, according to CBS 6. [Read More]
There is a growing shortage of nurses certified to perform sexual assault examinations in Virginia, according to a CBS 6 and a  recent study... [Read More]
Many Twitter accounts point out the fact that the Expos "finally" made the World Series. ... [Read More]
Prince Harry was overcome with emotion during a speech at an award ceremony Tuesday as he recounted the feeling of knowing he was going to... [Read More]
The General Election on November 5 features a variety of races from across the state. ... [Read More]
The Outer Banks has been a little harder to get to in some parts with limited access to N.C. 12. ... [Read More]
A 17-year-old in Norfolk is expected to be alright after being shot while walking near the intersection of Berkley Avenue and Obenforfer Road. ... [Read More]
The New Orleans Saints got some unexpected support from Pope Francis before Sunday's win over the Jacksonville Jaguars. [Read More]
The woman who has been nicknamed a "serial stowaway" for her repeated attempts to sneak onto flights without boarding passes was arrested again, authorities said. [Read More]
Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo and Michael Kremer were awarded the Nobel Prize in economics on Monday for research on alleviating global poverty. [Read More]
Hampton's branch of the NAACP and Chapter of Links Inc will be joining together to help register Millennials to vote before the October 15 deadline. [Read More]
A townhouse fire led to the death of animals, according to the Virginia Beach Fire Department. It is not known how many died. [Read More]
He didn't get the win, but former Old Dominion University pitcher and Houston Astro ace Justin Verlander gave his team a strong performance Sunday night... [Read More]
 Syrian government troops have began advancing north following a deal struck with Kurdish-led forces to hold off Turkey's military offensive. [Read More]
Electric cars are still far outnumbered by their gasoline-powered cousins, but they're becoming more common. And more affordable. [Read More]
Consumer Reports says to look for high-quality whole-foods you can use as ingredients to make quick, healthy meals. [Read More]
If you've got little ones in your home, you know to keep household poisons, like cleaning products, batteries, and laundry pods, away from them. [Read More]