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iFixit says it's uncovered something that indicates that the new MacBook Pro keyboards use a patented silicone membrane underneath each individual key to keep dirt... [Read More]
The Nintendo Switch is the perfect travel companion, but it's desperately lacking in one key area: wireless headphone support. Right now, the Switch does not... [Read More]
Tomorrow, Epic Games plans to retire Fortnite's Playground mode, a limited time event that was designed to offer a more creative tool for the game's... [Read More]
The future of dining could be healthier, cheaper food made by robots... [Read More]
Apple has combined its various artificial intelligence divisions into a new structure led by recent hire John Giannandrea, formerly Google's head of search and AI.... [Read More]
Facebook is currently testing a new feature for Messenger that would identify suspicious accounts sending unwarranted direct messages, letting users know the account's country of... [Read More]
Apple released iOS 11.4.1 this morning, and with it came a new software mechanism that blocks passcode cracking tools favored by law enforcement. However, researchers... [Read More]