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According to a report just released by AHRQ, the proportion of women who experienced serious complications while giving birth in U.S. hospitals rose 45% between... [Read More]
In a survey of > 4,000 first responders, 37% had contemplated suicide and almost 7% had attempted it. That's more than 10x the general population.... [Read More]
Neuroscience has a decent grasp on the ways our brain develops, processes stimuli and reacts to the world around us. But with each day, that... [Read More]
The health system is broken. But it's particularly bad at transferring patients – and their information – around. When more than 1/3 of patients are... [Read More]
The end of July marks a very important milestone in U.S. black history, public health, science and bioethics. 46 years ago, a whistleblower, leaked to... [Read More]
It's well noted that women are the primary decision makers for health and care decisions. However, in 2018 they are still greatly underrepresented in health... [Read More]
In an extraordinary move, the FDA has withdrawn draft guidance for biosimilars after receiving public comments and 1 citizen petition. But what makes the FDA... [Read More]
A new practice aimed at decreasing reimbursement dollars for emergency care has some fearing it will prevent the sick from receiving care at all: retroactively... [Read More]
It's finally summer. Here come the parties, festivals, extended weekends and long, hot days, with cool beverages. But the combination of alcohol, sun and heat... [Read More]
Amazon is buying pharma start-up PillPack for around $1 Billion. Buffet, Bezos and Dimon (Berkshire-Amazon-JPMorgan Chase) created an entity that will be headed by Dr.... [Read More]
The high price of pharmaceuticals have become a constant topic of discussion in the U.S. although very few consumers ever pay out-of-pocket prices thanks to... [Read More]
100 years ago today, the movement behind hospice care as born. Or rather, Dame Cicely Saunders was born. A dynamic woman who forever altered the... [Read More]
The most common tick-borne illness in the U.S. (30,000+ new cases a year), Lyme disease produces a wide range of symptoms ranging from fever and... [Read More]
In recent weeks suicide has been written about extensively in the United States, with high profile individuals giving a renewed focus to the tragic loss... [Read More]
For national issues like the opioid epidemic, physician drug dispensing laws or police arrests, state-level data is vital for understanding societal differences, trends, federal budget... [Read More]
The Vietnam Memorial lists the names of more than 58,000 Americans who died. However, the wall does not document the names of the 2.8 million... [Read More]
Recently, small amounts of info about North Korea's health system have made their way out of the country. Data points have gone from bad to... [Read More]
Eli Lilly will be taking ideas learned in developing countries, and applying them to neighborhoods in the U.S. with similar characteristics. Primarily, Indiana. This move... [Read More]
Before her passing earlier this week, former First Lady Barbara Bush announced that she would be spending her final days at home with her family... [Read More]
We now know people don't have to be consciously aware that they are aroused for their reward system to highjack neural pathways. New research on... [Read More]