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In her final late-night appearance as first lady, Michelle Obama looked back at her eight years in the White House and shared her plans for the future. [Read More]
Giuliani, who had been speculated to be a Cabinet nominee, will assist the administration with cybersecurity efforts. [Read More]
"Thank you to Linda Bean of L.L.Bean for your great support and courage. . . . Buy L.L.Bean," Trump tweeted. [Read More]
The Director of National Intelligence called the president-elect "to denounce" an unverified report, Trump tweeted. [Read More]
Drivers are seeing delays on the Southeast Expressway and Interstate 93 southbound north of Boston as well as on the Mass. Pike in Framingham. [Read More]
"You are fake news," Trump told Acosta who demanded that he be allowed to ask a question as the president-elect attacked the network. [Read More]
Trump compared the political climate to Nazi Germany as he sought to dismiss allegations of compromising information. [Read More]
The Fox News host joined in a chorus of conservative backlash on social media against Streep's Golden Globes speech. [Read More]
The president-elect touched criticized the health care act hours before the 115th Congress will be sworn in. [Read More]
The honeymoon might already be over for President Barack Obama and President-elect Donald Trump. [Read More]
Is the honeymoon already over for President Barack Obama and President-elect Donald Trump? [Read More]
Fisher, 60, was "loved by the world and she will be missed profoundly." [Read More]
Carl Paladino, a Donald Trump supporter, said he wants to see President Obama die of mad cow disease next year and Michelle Obama "let loose in the outback of Zimbabwe." [Read More]
Anis Amri's death ends a Europe-wide manhunt. [Read More]
The plane's 111 passengers include 82 men, 28 women, and an infant. [Read More]
The president-elect's statement adds to other signals that he will take a more hard-line, pro-Israel approach. [Read More]
Trump's campaign manager and senior adviser will join the Republican's leadership team in the West Wing. [Read More]
The events around President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration will conclude with a prayer service the day after the ceremony. [Read More]
The federal lawsuit alleges that the companies provide "material support" to the Islamic State terrorist group. [Read More]
Some users took to Twitter to share their own stories of sexual assault or to highlight other cases. [Read More]