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Young adult and middle grade fiction to educate children in the vast terrain of Native American history. [Read More]
Interlinked story collections provide narrative continuity, while allowing you to take a pause. [Read More]
Fictional and autobiographical tales that span the vast range of the educator's spirit. [Read More]
From Virginia Woolf and Katherine Mansfield to Yiyun Li and Heidi Julavits, Do Diarists Ever Truly Reveal Themselves? [Read More]
Don't worry if you failed to appreciate the classics in your high school classroom: These novels — like their readers — only get better with... [Read More]
Fiction that runs the gamut from horror and fantasy to science fiction and mystery, all told from a nonwhite perspective. [Read More]
Novels that contain a sense of humor with a wide-ranging appeal. [Read More]
Books from throughout history to provide solace in troubling times. [Read More]
Eclectic works of fiction from off the beaten path. [Read More]
Adolescent-appropriate fiction to challenge and inspire budding bookworms. [Read More]
Reading by and for the 21st-century woman, from beyond the Western canon. [Read More]
Detective stories from around the world. [Read More]
Novels with complex themes and elevated writing styles that are still accessible to even novice readers. [Read More]
Novels for young readers that tackle the complexities of the human condition. [Read More]
Seeking authors with a spate of books I can consume one after another without coming up for air. [Read More]
Verses that will forge bonds between you and your little ones through the power of language. [Read More]
Whether or not you're nursing a heartbreak, these tales of unsettled passions will appeal to the romantic in all of us. [Read More]
Books that reveal the process of making glamorous productions on stage and screen. [Read More]
Books that will inspire the philanthropist in all of us. [Read More]
Harrowing tragedy abounds in these selections of fierce, female-centered fiction. [Read More]
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