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Over the next few weeks you'll probably notice something new on Instagram. If you ever watch the live videos in the app, they're going to... [Read More]
The key to finding out whether or not life once existed on Mars, or could exist in the future, might come down to microscopic data. A... [Read More]
The key to discovering whether there was once life on Mars may be finding a particular element in samples taken there. [Read More]
Even though there is still some warm weather and sun in the forecast for much of the country, summer is officially coming to an end... [Read More]
The day will be nearly equal parts light as night on the autumn equinox Friday. [Read More]
Snapchat was built around its ephemeral photo and video messages but sometimes users want to be able to save those memories for later. The app... [Read More]
It's easy to download your own Snaps but you have to rely on screen shots if you want to save someone else's. [Read More]
Snapchat not only offers users the chance to connect with their friends in new and innovative ways it also makes the experience fun with some... [Read More]
The Snapchat trophies and friend emojis are for all users on the app, here's what they mean. [Read More]
Teenage years are frequently marked by a sulky mood and a lack of interest, but it may be less of a coincidence and more of a... [Read More]
Amazon users opened their emails to a surprise on Tuesday, a note alerting them that an item had been purchased from their baby gift registry... [Read More]
iPhone users can now record their screens with iOS 11, here's how. [Read More]
The iOS 11 update is out and users are finally getting to play with the new features and hidden tricks it has to offer. One new... [Read More]
Elon Musk's SpaceX has been working with the Federal Communications Commission to further the company's goal of bringing a satellite constellation to space to further... [Read More]
SpaceX quietly named its company that will send satellites to space to create a universal wireless internet. [Read More]
The Paris Climate Agreement was put in place to limit temperature increases to 2 degrees Celsius, or even better 1.5 degrees, in this century. Previously this... [Read More]
Just 1.5 degrees Celsius of warming before the turn of the century might be possible according to a new study. [Read More]
Hurricane Jose will bring dangerous high tides, flooding and rip currents to the east coast. [Read More]
This year has been packed full of great shows in the sky thanks to nature in the form of a total solar eclipse, meteor showers and full moons. On... [Read More]
The moon is covering three planets and a major star in an occultation. [Read More]