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Most noticeable for many Americans will be the closing of the U.S. Postal Service... [Read More]
On Friday, officials in Maryland named the six victims, half of whom were killed, and provided more information about how the attack unfolded the day... [Read More]
Mr. Musk and the caver butted heads this summer about the high-profile rescue of a group of children trapped in a cave in Thailand. [Read More]
The gun rights group's sarcastic commentary on a move by the children's show to diversify its cast left some asking if it had gone too... [Read More]
Humanity had its darkest year in at least a decade, according to a Gallup survey of the emotional lives of more than 154,000 people around... [Read More]
The Red Delicious is still projected to be the second most-popular apple by production in America, according to the group, which claims 7,500 growers as... [Read More]
A fatal shooting in Florida on Sunday thrust esports, a young and growing industry, into the national spotlight. [Read More]
The Colorado man who is accused of killing his pregnant wife and two daughters before dumping them at an oil work site told the police... [Read More]
Christopher Watts is charged with murdering his pregnant wife and two young children. But he told the police that his wife strangled the children —... [Read More]
A few years ago, a team of archaeologists cleaning sand from an ancient Egyptian tomb discovered a group of broken jars, one of them containing... [Read More]
Ancient cheese was included in the feasts buried alongside wealthy Egyptians and probably had similar consistency to goats cheese... [Read More]
The cheese was found in a tomb that had been thought lost to shifting sands until it was rediscovered in 2010. [Read More]
"It's for their own good and we have to save the system," Gov. Matt Bevin, of Kentucky, said on Tuesday of state workers who oppose... [Read More]
Consumer group says tests found toxic substances in crayon, dry-erase marker. [Read More]
Hasbro and other companies argue their products are thoroughly tested and pass safety regulations... [Read More]
Pools are supposed to be places to relax, but they have served as flash points for racial conflict. One historic moment happened at Biloxi's segregated... [Read More]
A public interest group said this week that it had found toxic substances in a number of school supplies, including asbestos in a Playskool crayon... [Read More]
A public interest group tested 27 back-to-school products and found dangerous chemicals in four of them. [Read More]
The nonprofit that helped popularize Smokey Bear and "friends don't let friends drive drunk" is teaming up with a gun control group to promote safe... [Read More]
Swimming pools, which exploded in popularity a century ago, are supposed to be places to relax, but black Americans have long faced harassment and violence... [Read More]