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DJ, Producer, and founder of Fool's Gold Records, A-Trak has been DJing for over 20 years. In 1997, he was the world champion of DJing... [Read More]
Drake's latest album, "Scorpion" has broken several records on the Billboard charts. With 25 tracks, "Scorpion" follows a trend of hip-hop albums with huge tracklists.... [Read More]
"Hits & Misses" author and former "Saturday Night Live" staff writer Simon Rich walks us through a week of writing for the iconic show. Following... [Read More]
As we find out more about Russia's interference in the 2016 United States presidential election, former NSA hacker and TrustedSec CEO David Kennedy reveals what... [Read More]
Despite being introduced for hygiene and ease, automatic toilets can be extremely frustrating, either flushing too soon or not at all. We found out why... [Read More]
Steven Anthony Lawrence is an Los Angeles-based actor who you might recognize for his role as Beans on Disney Channel's "Even Stevens." Since the show... [Read More]
In a time where companies, celebrities, and even governments are coming under cyber-attacks, getting hacked might seem inevitable. But according to former NSA hacker David... [Read More]
Over 100 Pyongyang restaurants are spread throughout Asia, all owned and operated by the North Korean government as a way to generate foreign currency. Female... [Read More]
NYC's Cactus Store offers a wide range of unusual plants for sale, but their rarest is a Haageocereus tenuis, listed for sale on their website... [Read More]
David Kennedy, former NSA hacker and TrustedSec CEO, explains how an attack on America's Internet could affect the country, ranging from the financial sector to... [Read More]
Hofstra University Professor of Law Julian Ku explains that even if the meeting between Trump and Kim Jong Un was primarily a photo opportunity, it... [Read More]
Only 50% of the US voting age population turns out on election day. To help save US democracy Dambisa Moyo, a top economist and author... [Read More]
ProPublica senior reporter Sebastian Rotella, author of "Rip Crew," lays out what popular TV shows and movies like "Narcos" and "Sicario" get right and wrong... [Read More]
The map of political corruption is never stagnant, with countries becoming more and less corrupt all the time. Mariano Sigman, author of "The Secret... [Read More]
Filmmaker and "The Ashtray" author Errol Morris has worked with many CEOs on advertisements. After watching Morris's 2002 Oscars short, Steve Jobs hired Morris to... [Read More]
Eurasia Group president Ian Bremmer, author of "Us vs. Them: The Failure of Globalism," explains how the American working and middle classes haven't seen improved... [Read More]
Historian Timothy Snyder, author of "The Road to Unfreedom: Russia, Europe, America," explains that Russia is not a powerful nation when measured in terms of... [Read More]
Hofstra University Professor of Law Julian Ku explains the likely outcomes and motivations of a peace treaty between North and South Korea. Following is a... [Read More]
Humans have been on Earth for around 200,000 years but have only used symbols as a form of communication for a fraction of that time.... [Read More]
Eurasia Group president Ian Bremmer explains why UN Ambassador Nikki Haley is standing up for herself in a public disagreement with the Trump administration over... [Read More]