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The 2008 financial crisis was a major missed opportunity: Congress could have let the two giant government sponsored enterprises (GSEs), Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac,... [Read More]
Warren Buffet's strong dislike for Crypto's overshadowed what should be a much bigger story in the crypto world: ICE, the parent company of the NYSE,... [Read More]
The spread of Cryptocurrencies highlights how outdated the U.S. financial regulatory framework really is. But these technologies provide an opportunity to fix that framework and... [Read More]
Fed chair Jerome Powell testifies in Congress this week. Here are four questions members could ask the Fed chair. The Fed's defense of its new... [Read More]
The Trump administration released its plan to reorganize the federal government. Many of the ideas represent commonsense proposals that will serve the American people over... [Read More]
Everyone is focused on the "risky bet" portion of the Volcker rule principle, but it would be nice to see federal officials tackle the "access... [Read More]
Mel Watt is testifying in the Senate on the status of the housing finance system. It has been nearly one decade since taxpayers bailed these... [Read More]
Congress' deadline to nullify the CFPB's payday lending rule with the Congressional Review Act Looms. Advocacy groups, and several Democratic Senators, want to replace the... [Read More]
The Senate's financial reform bill does not repeal and replace Dodd-Frank. The bill provides carve outs and exemptions from certain rules, for certain banks, but... [Read More]
Prior to Dodd-Frank, Congress had already established a robust consumer protection framework. Congress should not have created a new government agency responsible for consumer protection... [Read More]
Chairman Jeb Hensarling recently laid out a list of 30-plus House provisions with bipartisan backing to include in the Senate reform package. All of these... [Read More]
Dodd-Frank protects Wall Street over Main Street, and conservatives are disappointed that the President has gone back on his promise to do "a big number"... [Read More]
At worse, Janet Yellen can be faulted for not fixing certain problems with the Fed's operating framework quickly enough. It is impossible to define her... [Read More]
The new FHFA proposal, much like older Senate plans, seeks to preserve and expand as much of the old housing finance system as possible. If... [Read More]
The Senate bill (S. 2155) has bipartisan support, and the bill includes several provisions that overlap with the CHOICE Act. Congress should be able to... [Read More]
In its first year, the Trump administration has done a great job supporting, promoting, and even undertaking positive regulatory reforms in financial markets. It is... [Read More]
Congress should use the Congressional Review Act to nullify the Payday Lending Rule. Doing so would preserve the states' right to regulate these small-dollar financial... [Read More]
The Treasury has released three of the four reports due under President Trump's Executive Order on Core Principles for Regulating the United States Financial System.... [Read More]
Arbitration is more cost-effective than using the courts. [Read More]
Compared to how it operated prior to the 2008 crisis, the federal funds market is dead. The federal funds rate, therefore, cannot possibly convey the... [Read More]