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Palestinian postal staff begin sorting mail prevented from entering for up to eight years... [Read More]
Caryl Churchill and National Theatre director bemoan 'devastating loss' after Israeli strike... [Read More]
Court receives psychiatrist's report on Malka Leifer, who faces 74 abuse charges... [Read More]
Erosion is damaging the 2,000-year-old site — but restoration plans have been complicated by its sacred status... [Read More]
Activists say they were tasered and beaten as Israeli military says it used 'proportional force'... [Read More]
Former Arkansas governor made comment when laying a ceremonial brick at settlement in the occupied West Bank... [Read More]
Shlomo Bar-Shavit, whose life mirrors the history of Israeli theatre, has appeared in more than 260 productions, including as Nazi doctor Josef Mengele... [Read More]
PM and allies drawn as pigs in magazine after passing law giving exclusive rights to Jews... [Read More]
Khan al-Ahmar is seen as key to the fight for Palestinian statehood. Only a temporary court order now stands between the Bedouin hamlet and the... [Read More]
A pioneering theatre project exploring the trials of life in Gaza connects performers on different continents by live video... [Read More]
Photos show exploded shell casing at playground in largest firing incident since 2014... [Read More]
With crossings closed, some travellers have been waiting months for exit permits... [Read More]
Palestinian officials say 1,200 injured, 450 by live fire, as US embassy opens in Jerusalem... [Read More]
Follow latest developments as 37 Palestinians killed and hundreds wounded in protests in Gaza and West Bank over moving US embassy to Jerusalem... [Read More]
US president's decision to break with the Iran nuclear deal increases tensions in a region already mired in myriad interwoven conflicts... [Read More]
Seventy years ago, Israel declared independence, and the Manchester Guardian sent the leftwing intellectual to cover the nascent state. But was he an altogether accurate... [Read More]
Reports of explosions shortly after Trump announces US plans to break with Iran nuclear deal... [Read More]
'Jerusalem returns the love to Trump,' writes mayor Nir Bakat before official opening of US embassy, which has moved from Tel Aviv... [Read More]
Black Cube, a company made up of former Israeli spies, says it had 'nothing to do' with 'dirty ops' campaign... [Read More]
Abbas accused by US and Israel of stirring religious hatred in speech blaming Jews' role in banking for hostility against them... [Read More]