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'Fyre' shows McFarland's real, unindicted co-conspirator to be the press who paid little to no attention to his easily identifiable frauds. [Read More]
In Netflix's Quincy Jones documentary, co-directed by Rashida Jones, the truth teller we know from interviews is nowhere in sight. [Read More]
'Lizzie' takes up the theory that this notorious murderer (played by Chloë Sevigny) was having an affair with the maid (Kristen Stewart). [Read More]
Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick star in Paul Feig's 'A Simple Favor'—a wannabe noir that's glossy, uncomplicated, adult-targeted fare. [Read More]
In 'What They Had,' Hilary Swank and Michael Shannon play siblings dealing with their mother's Alzheimer's diagnosis, and its sad, confusing and at times even... [Read More]
'Blaze'—a biopic about country singer Blaze Foley directed by Ethan Hawke with Ben Dickey and Alia Shawkat starring—is ultimately a movie about how we remember... [Read More]
The scariest thing about 'The Nun' is how little the team behind The Conjuring Universe seem to have tried. [Read More]
Ethan Hawke's new films 'Blaze,' 'Juliet, Naked' and 'First Reformed' have been critically praised, but somehow that's become another reason not to like him. [Read More]
Despite Melissa McCarthy's attempt to land jokes, crass puppet movie 'The Happytime Murders' lacks both comedy and a point. [Read More]
Starring Mark Wahlberg, Peter Berg's 'Mile 22' takes place in a Southeast Asian city you can never quite see through the frenetic camerawork. [Read More]
Ice Age adventure film 'Alpha' has some trouble landing on the emotional level—except for when the dog who costars is on screen. [Read More]
Shark thriller 'The Meg,' led by Jason Statham and Li Bingbing, isn't exactly original, but it's still good fun. [Read More]
Spike Lee's 'BlacKkKlansman' is saved and elevated by its passion, and the scenes that don't try to spin everything into cultural relevance. [Read More]
A better title might be 'Winnie the Pooh and the Unfilled Zoloft Prescription.'... [Read More]
Starring Kristen Bell and Kelsey Grammer, 'Like Father' might present itself as light comedy, but it rarely goes to the trouble of telling any jokes. [Read More]
'The Spy Who Dumped Me' would be nothing without Kate McKinnon, who steals the show in a murderous comedy centered around Mila Kunis' character. [Read More]
Few recent films have provided more illicit thrills than 'The Equalizer.' But Denzel Washington's 2nd installment comes off far more violent. [Read More]
Joaquin Phoenix delivers an exacting performance chronicling the slog of recovery in Gus Van Sant's 'Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot.'... [Read More]
Is The Rock trying to remind us that using people's children as pawns in a bigger game is something that sneering villains do in cheesy... [Read More]
Way more than a comedy, 'Sorry to Bother You' serves as a vital reminder of the power the genre when it acts as social commentary. [Read More]