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It's part of a long-term strategy to boost earnings by enhancing the shopping experience. [Read More]
US president Donald Trump announced this week that he wants $18 billion to pay for the first phase of a planned wall along the border... [Read More]
The East Coast of the US has been plunged into a deep freeze. Waterfalls are icing over, sharkicles are washing ashore, and frozen iguanas are dropping... [Read More]
Shareholders of Alphabet, the parent company of Google, are pushing the company to diversify its three-person executive committee by including women or minorities. The committee…... [Read More]
No one who has endured the misery of commercial flights can blame executives for trying to avoid them. But with the comforts of private flights…... [Read More]
When Sean McVay was hired to coach the Los Angeles Rams in January, he was just 30, making him the youngest head coach in the…... [Read More]
Apple CEO Tim Cook grew up as a working-class kid in southern Alabama, shaping his mild-mannered persona, which stands in stark contrast from that of…... [Read More]
An exercise in vulnerability helped me understand my millennial coworkers. [Read More]
During Matt Lauer's reign as NBC News' most powerful man, he allegedly locked female co-workers in his office, summoned them to his hotel rooms, and…... [Read More]
As Congress spent the last several weeks wrapping up its gift of massive tax cuts for US corporations, one broad criticism levied against the bill…... [Read More]
Historical links between climate and political uprisings are well documented. A drought in France in 1788 resulted in widespread crop failure (pdf) and soaring food…... [Read More]
CSX, one of the largest US railroad operators, spent $84 million to hire Hunter Harrison away from his old job and install him as CEO…... [Read More]
From AAC Holdings to Ziopharm Oncology, with household names like Hostess, Kodak, and Skechers in between. [Read More]
Skechers, the footwear company, sells a dizzying array of sneakers, athletic apparel, and accessories to women and girls. The company sponsors elite women athletes like…... [Read More]
It's highly unlikely that, in the two weeks before Christmas, the executive team at Toys "R" Us can do much to goose the bankrupt company's…... [Read More]
When the movie 9 to 5 was released in 1980, women's liberation was still a fresh concept for most of America. Rewatching the comedy, about…... [Read More]
Facebook, Google, and Boston Consulting are the sorts of companies you might expect to see on a list of the best places to work. They…... [Read More]
The Amazon executives who report directly to CEO Jeff Bezos, helping him run a sprawling empire that touches more than one in four US households,…... [Read More]
Irene Rosenfeld is the Jack Welch of the food industry. [Read More]
On our evening drive home from after-school child care, my kids and I listen to news on pubic radio. I figure it's good for them…... [Read More]