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Positive, negative and even lukewarm thoughts are all acceptable For years, I've had the question, "Y'all got any thoughts on bears? [Read More]
One bold student is sick of the fashion industry's labels, is taking a stand When I was a little girl, I was... [Read More]
One crazed student is kicked out of school after sharing controversial opinion When the universe created winter quarters, it made sure tha... [Read More]
Forbidden fruit prevails as the students' favorite food Tide Pods are the great mystery of America, with their delicious-looking colors... [Read More]
Relaxation and rest come at the cost of craziness and overeating Winter break, at a surface level, appears to be the height... [Read More]
A loveless existence on a dark, dusty shelf will no longer do for one library book Twenty years ago, one book was... [Read More]
America's most treasured food fanatic will come to UC Davis to treat our cows right America's sweetheart, Guy Fieri, is on... [Read More]
Escaping monsters from the Upside Down proves less panic-inducing than a midterm In the wake of the second season of "Stranger Things,â€... [Read More]
Drunk texting is a thing of the past We've all known the terror of drunk texting. Perhaps you texted your ex, your... [Read More]
Amazon becomes the saving grace of the quarter system. Amazon has been upping its game lately, whether it's through buying Whole Foods... [Read More]
Without Carl's Jr., UC Davis gets some #fresh strips With the recent renovations of the Silo, several changes were made to the... [Read More]
Ever since UC Davis kicked Taco Bell off campus, tensions have been high All great love stories come to an end, as... [Read More]
Dave Bishka has had it up to here with parodies Dave Bishka, subpar pastry shop owner, hates two things: children and parodied... [Read More]
The Aggies produce the freshest babies in the game UC Davis is no stranger to agricultural success: it has killed it with... [Read More]
Finally, we can get true wisdom from student Nicole Darn, the top human It's not easy getting by in college, and no... [Read More]
Band-Aids don't fix bullet holes or soy milk preferences for second-year Kimberly Timber Kimberly Timber, a second-year chemical... [Read More]
The first female superhero with a female director provides lessons for women of all ages I'll start off by stating this: I'm... [Read More]
Two people pushed out of their jobs politely resign ON THEIR OWN TERMS This summer's ragtag extravaganza will... [Read More]
Temporary knowledge learned for exams has left me unable to spell basic words, remember Founding Fathers Summer has barely started for we... [Read More]
A plethora of attempts to pose a candid photo left one student dead Every little girl's nightmare became third-year Bethany Roberts' h... [Read More]