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This is a story of simple math -- multiplication, so to speak. [Read More]
Performing arts calendar for Lincoln and the surrounding area. [Read More]
Friday... [Read More]
Small businesses affected by the government shutdown have to cope with a drop in revenue or their inability to get the help and service they... [Read More]
Delta Air Lines expects to lose $25 million in revenue this month from the partial government shutdown that is also creating checkpoint delays and long... [Read More]
If you've ever wanted to explain to a friend why his dog is not the most irresistible, adorable, infinitely forgivable creature alive, spring for an... [Read More]
Epistemology is what we on the farm called "a $10 word." [Read More]
Understory, a Madison startup whose ultra-local weather sensors can tell if a hailstorm that pelted your roof or a downpour that flooded your street left... [Read More]
Q: One of my employees has admitted to having a drinking problem. "Jerry" knows our business well and gets along with everyone, but he has... [Read More]
Experts are troubled by the Hawaiian economy's growing dependence on tourism. A report from the University of Hawaii's Economic Research Organization says almost all the... [Read More]
Truisms don't need to be completely true to be a truism. For example, "If you live long enough, you'll see everything" doesn't mean you will... [Read More]
Q: My last three performance reviews have been very disappointing. The manager who hired me always gave me outstanding ratings, but ever since he left,... [Read More]
Scalpers using bots to scoop up huge numbers of tickets to resell at much-inflated prices have become a curse for the concert-going public. Shows can... [Read More]
A federal regulator said Wednesday that it fined Bank of America $30 million to settle charges that it attempted to manipulate global interest rates and... [Read More]
U.S. home construction rebounded in August at the fastest pace in seven months but applications for new building permits plunged, sending mixed signals for an... [Read More]
Every year, typically before the Super Bowl and the annual men's college basketball tournament, university sports departments issue a standard reminder to athletes and staff... [Read More]
Erika and Gary Rolf, who lived on the Alaskan frontier before buying a house in Seward without previously stepping foot inside Nebraska, are obviously no... [Read More]
The head of a small pharmaceutical company in Kansas City is under fire after defending a 400 percent price increase on a common antibiotic by... [Read More]
For the first time, Disneyland will break its prohibition on alcohol and begin selling drinks to the general public, the California theme park recently announced. [Read More]
The Scott Frost era officially began Saturday — and Nebraska's new football coach was saddled with his first loss in 631 days. [Read More]