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President Donald Trump can shake up the nation immigration debate, advance good policy, and possibly help end the federal government shutdown by approving the state-run... [Read More]
Despite major electoral and political setbacks for carbon tax proponents in recent months, both at the state level and internationally, academics and some reporters pretend... [Read More]
Voters In California, Oregon, North Carolina, Florida, and Washington will vote on ballot measures this November that, if approved, would make it more difficult for... [Read More]
russia verse embed Russia text code By Alexa Ard, Maureen Chowdhury, Patrick Gleason and Lindsay Claiborn Click through the interactive web to explore the... [Read More]
While control of Congress and many governor's mansions are at stake this November, some seek to use the 2018 midterm elections to lay the groundwork... [Read More]
In the Florida's gubernatorial race, Sunshine State voters have two candidates with sharply contrasting views of government to choose from. Andrew Gillum, the Democratic nominee... [Read More]
The $32 trillion cost estimate of Senator Bernie Sanders' "Medicare for All" proposal has received a great deal of attention, as it should, but Sanders'... [Read More]
Oklahoma voters will make a decision this November on Question 793, a ballot measure that would lift the Sooner State's arcane restriction on the ability... [Read More]
Tennessee is one of a handful of states that applies an amusement tax to gym memberships. Lawmakers and industry stakeholders are looking to change that... [Read More]
The latest example that government-run broadband is a bad deal for taxpayers comes out of North Carolina. [Read More]
It's unclear who will come out on top in this week's Tennessee primaries. What is clear is that the next governor, whether it's a Republican... [Read More]
Congressman Carlos Curbelo (R-Fla) and others pushing for a national carbon tax have taken a page from the Trump White House's protectionist playbook. [Read More]
While neighboring states have been busy enacting pro-growth tax policy changes to make their states more attractive destinations for global capital flowing into the U.S.,... [Read More]
Researchers find more than 100 millionaires left California following the Proposition 30 income tax hike approved by voters in 2012. [Read More]
West Virginia lawmakers convened a special session this past week that begins with an investigation of state supreme court justices for lavish spending of taxpayer... [Read More]
More than 20 states have taken action in recent years to remove costly and unnecessary licensing requirements for people who wish to earn a living... [Read More]
Despite all the talk from progressive pundits and Democratic politicians about taking their policy agenda to the state and local levels in the Trump era,... [Read More]
With Democrats launch of a new national campaign blaming President Trump for rising gas prices, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) will soon have to explain why, if... [Read More]
It's not entirely accurate to say that North Carolina legislators are set to approve their fifth consecutive teacher pay raise. An accounting of all actions... [Read More]
2018 has been a year marked by teacher strikes, first starting in West Virginia and then spreading to Oklahoma, Kentucky, Colorado, and Arizona. Union bosses... [Read More]