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Lawmakers backed rare measures to punish Viktor Orban's government for the erosion of democratic standards. But final sanctions are up to national leaders. [Read More]
As the prime minister built an "illiberal state," creating a template for the far right, center-right leaders in Brussels did little to stop him. [Read More]
As the Hungarian prime minister built an "illiberal state," creating a template for the far right, center-right leaders in Brussels did little to stop him. [Read More]
Prime Minister Viktor Orban joins a growing roster of right-wing or euroskeptic leaders in Europe to have secured President Trump's backing. [Read More]
There are few products that the enterprising burghers of Sevnica, a small, rural Slovenian town where Melania Trump spent her formative years, have not sought... [Read More]
To capitalize on the link to Melania Trump, shopkeepers in Sevnica brand everything from slippers to salami with her name. For some, the novelty is... [Read More]
Despite the claims of far-right leaders, the number of undocumented migrants arriving each year is back to pre-crisis levels — and has been for some... [Read More]
Prime Minister Viktor Orban campaigned on a nationalist, anti-immigrant platform. Providing help to those who enter the country illegally will now be punishable by up... [Read More]
Allies of Mr. Orban, Hungary's far-right leader, are buying media outlets across Central and Eastern Europe, extending his influence. [Read More]
The prime minister has undermined Hungarian judicial independence but never destroyed it completely. With his recent election win, that may change. [Read More]
Europe is outsourcing border management to distant countries, hoping to stop migrants before they cross the Mediterranean. But there may be a high moral cost. [Read More]
Prime Minister Viktor Orban embodies a generation of politicians in Central and Eastern Europe who came of age at the end of the Cold War. [Read More]
Prime Minister Viktor Orban is trumpeting economic improvements as he runs for re-election. But things aren't quite as rosy as traditional measures suggest. [Read More]
Hungary's opposition parties could stop Viktor Orban from winning another majority — but only if they work together. [Read More]
Sergei V. Skripal, 66, and Yulia Skripal, 33, his daughter, are in critical condition after "exposure to an unknown substance." [Read More]
Prime Minister Viktor Orban has remade the country's political system and pioneered a model of one-party rule. His actions can be seen as part of... [Read More]
The American actress, who is Catholic, plans to convert. The couple will wed at St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle in May. [Read More]
A nearly yearlong standoff has paralyzed its institutions and is threatening a 1998 treaty that largely ended three decades of fighting. [Read More]
The case against Reza Zarrab has strained relations between the United States and Turkey, and has drawn sharp criticism from its president. [Read More]