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A region that once attracted heavy industry is coping with an influx of Bitcoin speculators, lured by an abundance of cheap electricity. [Read More]
Amtrak said service should be smoother after Labor Day, but N.J. Transit trains may be more crowded because of construction near the Lincoln Tunnel. [Read More]
Gov. Philip D. Murphy promised to reverse New Jersey Transit's dismal performance. Seven months later, commuters hold him responsible for disruptions. [Read More]
After a rash of canceled trains, New Jersey Transit officials admitted service was undependable and said there was no quick fix. [Read More]
A rash of train cancellations by New Jersey Transit, coupled with PATH delays, has added up to a season of aggravation for New Jersey commuters. [Read More]
Residents and workers who were exposed to the asbestos-filled muck that coated more than 40 buildings said they feared their health had been affected. [Read More]
The last time there was so much hype about the future of this troubled seaside resort, Donald Trump was doing most of the hyping. The... [Read More]
After some bleak years, Atlantic City is hoping for a reversal of fortune, with sports betting now legal and two shuttered casinos about to reopen. [Read More]
This summer, crews will begin rebuilding the elevated highway that links the New Jersey Turnpike and Lincoln Tunnel. There will be delays. [Read More]
A judge barred New Jersey from withdrawing its support for the agency, which was created in 1953 to combat the influence of organized crime on... [Read More]
Ray LaHood, a former transportation secretary, laid out dozens of changes to avoid a repeat of the failure that followed a fierce January snowstorm. [Read More]
The bus, carrying schoolchildren on a field trip, crashed after colliding with a rubbish truck on Thursday, killing a 10-year-old student and a teacher... [Read More]
The 77-year-old driver attempted a U-turn on a New Jersey highway after missing the exit for Waterloo Village, the authorities said. [Read More]
A student and a teacher were killed when a school bus and a dump truck collided on Thursday. About half of those suspensions were for... [Read More]
The bus collided with a dump truck on I-80 in Mount Olive and flipped onto the median. [Read More]
Overwhelming demand for heavily subsidized ferries spurs city to charter more and bigger boats and spend more on docks. [Read More]
New guidelines, including airlines making sure gates are available before sending planes to the Queens airport, are expected to be announced Monday. [Read More]
The agency's board voted unanimously to censure Caren Z. Turner, who flashed her P.A. badge and cursed at police officers in a videotaped encounter. [Read More]
The railroad said that it would replace sections of Track 19 and that the effect on service and schedules would be less severe than it... [Read More]
Emails reviewed by The Times show that the tour company whose helicopter crashed into the East River was aware of concerns over their equipment. [Read More]