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and subsequent responses to it - have powerfully shaped the politics and economic policy of America ever since. [Read More]
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As ministers from 195 countries travel to Bonn, Germany for annual climate negotiations to begin Nov. 6, momentous decisions await. [Read More]
Goaded by President Trump, Republican leaders outlined a tax-reform plan this week that is marginally less generous to the wealthy than many conservatives would like.... [Read More]
Hurricanes Harvey and Irma are stark reminders that the bill for climate change is coming due and will grow substantially in future years. [Read More]
Democrats must show how Trump's energy policy is costing workers jobs and consumers money. [Read More]
OPINION | If Trump cares about expanding gas exports, he should maximize the competitive advantage that lower-emitting U.S. natural gas has over Russian gas. [Read More]
Climate change is already costing American taxpayers and consumers tens of billions of dollars. [Read More]
Company's support of Paris Agreement could provide moderate voice for administratio... [Read More]
When Hillary ClintonHillary Rodham Clinton'Saturday Night Live' switches gears in post-election opening Vets look to Trump for change Trump pollster: Trump won because he was... [Read More]
Holt must push answers on energy and climate change tonight... [Read More]
Economists in both parties, climate change activists, and many nations, including China, support taxing carbon dioxide emissions as the most efficient way to fight the... [Read More]
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Aggressive, responsible policy will protect economy, people... [Read More]
Solar photovoltaic costs have fallen by two-thirds in the last decade. [Read More]
How the pope can ensure that a diplomatic impasse between rich and poor nations doesn't derail the Paris climate talks. [Read More]
Everyone has to take some action to address climate change, but the richest countries and largest emitters of greenhouse gases have to do it much... [Read More]
American emissions have now fallen to their lowest level in 20 years, through a combination of effective policies and market changes, and are on pace... [Read More]
Climate efforts by U.S. states and the administration, along with energy efficiency investments and the switch from coal to lower emitting natural gas, have helped... [Read More]
The president has a chance to exercise the essence of leadership—turning political danger into an opportunity to further a critical national interest. [Read More]