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"My Life's Journey Through Music", a documentary that Farrakhan helped create, will not debut this week. [Read More]
The rapper was home with others when two armed robbers broke in. [Read More]
Barr has tried to defend herself after the racist tweet she wrote about the former White House advisor. [Read More]
The Kingdom Choir will soon be coming out with new music under Sony Music. [Read More]
Clemons was manhandled and assaulted by cops at a Waffle House in Alabama... [Read More]
Rowland only met her father once when she was a child. [Read More]
Queen Bey shared new pics of all three of her kids. [Read More]
Authorities say that the officers' actions were justified because Blevins was armed, disregarded police commands and pointed a gun at them. [Read More]
Although many have concluded that the brutal attack was racially motivated, authorities have said they don't have evidence to back up that claim. ... [Read More]
The mother ended up driving her daughter to the hospital. Her daughter was ultimately transported to another medical facility where she passed away 5 days... [Read More]
Dr. Dov Bechhofer is alleged to have been a prolific commenter on several neo-nazi websites. ... [Read More]
The boy was said to have been looking for a cat in a neighbor's yard with his 11-year-old sister when the cops were called. [Read More]
"My sister made a mistake and she said something I know she wishes she could take back," she said. "But what I would ask is... [Read More]
Brown is in the middle of promoting "The Bobby Brown Story," the upcoming BET miniseries about his life. [Read More]
Abby Dione is breaking barriers in the world of rock climbing. [Read More]
Her book, "UNHINGED: An Insider's Account of the Trump White House", will be out in August. [Read More]
The company has acquired a pitch for a live-action film with an African princess lead named Sadé. [Read More]
Wendy Williams denies claims from viewers who say she's more critical of Black women than women of any other race. [Read More]
"I'm humbled by the love and care and concern I've received." [Read More]
The pilot ridiculed Tamar over following flight attendant instructions. [Read More]