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Europe will demand that Britain pays far more than €20bn to break the deadlock in Brexit negotiations, senior European diplomats have warned. [Read More]
European leaders last night applauded Theresa May's list of Brexit concessions as evidence of a more "realistic" approach to the negotiations from Britain and welcoming... [Read More]
An offer by Theresa May to pay €20bn to Brussels during a two-year transition period will not break the deadlock in the Brexit talks, senior... [Read More]
Theresa May will use Friday's Brexit speech in Florence to signal that Britain is prepared to keep paying into the EU budget in 2019 and... [Read More]
Britain's chances of opening trade talks with Europe this October appear to be disappearing as the President of the European Parliament announced he would ask... [Read More]
Britain is responsible for coming up with solutions to keep the peace in Northern Ireland after Brexit, the European Union will say today in a... [Read More]
Brussels has reacted furiously to Home Office plans to introduce a hardline 'Britain first' immigration policy after Brexit, branding the plans "toxic" and warning Theresa... [Read More]
Italy is by far the weakest link in the European Union project with nearly half of Italians prepared to vote for an "Italexit", a new... [Read More]
The Brexit talks have become a dialogue of the deaf as David Davis and Michel Barnier, the EU chief negotiator, talk across each other on... [Read More]
France's aggressive attempt to use Brexit to steal business from the City and set up Paris as a rival financial centre to London is doomed... [Read More]
The second substantive round of Brexit talks have wrapped up in Brussels. [Read More]
A Brexit transition deal cannot last more than two years or it will risk being challenged in the European Court of Justice or shot down... [Read More]
British and EU negotiators meet in Brussels today for the second substantive round of Brexit talks since negotiations were formally opened in June. [Read More]
France and other EU nations have signalled they are willing to begin Brexit trade talks as early as October in a move that opens the... [Read More]
Britain will seek to remain "fully involved" in shaping EU data protection regulations after Brexit in a hugely ambitious attempt to retain the status quo... [Read More]
The question of how the UK will create it's "deep and special" partnership with the European Union after Brexit without formally submitting to the jurisdiction... [Read More]
Britain is to keep all of Europe's business standards after Brexit by applying to remain a full member of Europe's three business standards agencies after... [Read More]