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Since the election of Emmanuel Macron in France, the mood in Brussels has been positively giddy with the prospect of a "rebirth" of the European... [Read More]
Britain has "burned many bridges" during the Brexit negotiations and has "precious few" friends left in Europe, the head of a leading pro-EU think-tank has... [Read More]
British negotiators offered to set up an ombudsman to independently monitor any potential breaches of the UK-EU 'divorce agreement' but were turned down by EU... [Read More]
After four days of intensive talks in Brussels between British and EU negotiators, here are five quick takeaways from the first substantive round of Brexit... [Read More]
British and EU negotiators have been continuing to try to reach an agreement on the terms of Britain's exit from the EU. [Read More]
Brexit Secretary David Davis met with the European Commission's top Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier today for a second round of talks in Brussels. [Read More]
David Davis, the Brexit secretary and Michel Barnier, the EU's chief Brexit negotiator, meet in Brussels today for the first of four days of talks... [Read More]
Europe is not demanding a "ransom" from Britain for leaving the EU, says Brexit negotiator as he hit back at Boris Johnson. [Read More]
Michel Barnier, the EU's chief Brexit negotiator, gave a bravura performance at his press conference ahead of next week's Brexit negotiations in Brussels. [Read More]
Europe's anti-smuggling naval mission in the Mediterranean has been a "failure" that has not decreased deaths among desperate migrants seeking a better life in Europe,... [Read More]
The European Parliament has issued a broadside against Theresa May's offer on the rights of the 3m EU citizens living in the UK after Brexit,... [Read More]
Britain warned Ireland not to launch an "aggressive and opportunistic" campaign to steal business from the City of London in the wake of Brexit... [Read More]
For much of the past year the phrase "Brexit means Brexit" has been used in different ways by the opposing sides in the debate over... [Read More]
Today Theresa May laid out her offer to guarantee rights for European Union nationals living and working in the United Kingdom – in return she... [Read More]
After over a year of uncertainty for expat families on both sides of the Channel, Theresa May will unveil today how Britain intends to treat... [Read More]
It was intended as a big bang moment when Theresa May went to Brussels to reset the troubled Brexit negotiations by unveiling the UK's "generous... [Read More]
It has been a year since the UK voted to leave the EU. [Read More]
The president of the European Council says it's not "impossible" that Brexit could be abandoned. His fellow EU chiefs disagree. [Read More]
Last night Theresa May set out the broad principles of the UK's offer on guaranteeing the rights of EU citizens in the UK after Brexit. [Read More]
Theresa May will head to Brussels today for her first European leaders summit since the general election left her without a majority at home. [Read More]