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Since I've basically ceased to eat according to the precepts of of humans' scientifically determined nutritional needs altogether, there's no shame in admitting how much... [Read More]
Jeff Koons strikes some people as a sly satirist of conspicuous consumption and others as a fraudulent product of that same phenomenon, one who may... [Read More]
The Folsom Street Fair starts early. Setting the alarm for 2 a.m. this Sunday morning, Edwin Morales, the president of Folsom Street Events,  will be... [Read More]
While it doesn't have quite the same hype that was attached to last season's Hamilton, Taylor Mac's A 24-Decade History of Popular Music is a performance... [Read More]
It's entirely possible you're reading this while idly scrolling through a phone, oblivious to any ugly Mexican hairless dogs or hilarious vanity plates or burning... [Read More]
There was a minor boomlet of Cajun-Creole and Southern food this past year, as Alba Ray's and Bayou opened in the Mission a few months... [Read More]
The most ridiculous name for a bar in recent San Francisco history was probably The Unresolved Love Life of Evelyn Lee, a dive on Potrero... [Read More]
For several years in a row, LGBT Pride was a season of unbridled joy as courts struck down the Defense of Marriage Act, the ban... [Read More]
When The Voyager opened on 15th and Valencia streets in 2011, it drew a lot of attention for an octagonal "window" that appeared to look... [Read More]
They're reportedly all gone now, but for a long time, a section of what is now the Outer Sunset was a neighborhood constructed from disused... [Read More]
The Daly City In-N-Out Burger is a shorter drive from Outerlands than the Ferry Building is, but the Outer Sunset brunch spot, famed for dishes... [Read More]
As an enormous fan of holes-in-the-wall, I was excited to hear that Oakland's Grocery Cafe was set to reopen in the former Hahn's Hibachi Jack... [Read More]
From sit-ins to George Clooney's character in O Brother, Where Art Thou? to a Gothic Revival skyscraper in Lower Manhattan, Woolworth's looms large in the... [Read More]
Sixty-six years after it opened, 50-odd years after a dentist-owner gave it its current name, 12 years after owner Carey Suckow bought it, 11 years... [Read More]
"I want to protest the tools of reduction," Taylor Mac says. "So I want to take more time to make my art — and more... [Read More]
Two trends have converged once again on Divisadero Street: fast-casual and Divis itself. Namu Gaji, the pan-Asian restaurant anchored in Korean cooking that's next door... [Read More]
Although incongruous with the tone of the rest of the films, the opening sequence to Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom might be the... [Read More]
Unlike a Neolithic site of human sacrifice, Spiral Jetty does not align with any astronomical axis. Sculptor Robert Smithson deposited 6,000 tons of basalt at... [Read More]
Nothing reveals the Michelin guide's metropolitan bias quite like the fact that there is but one restaurant east of Treasure Island with a star to... [Read More]
Brittney Cooper wrote a brilliant, skeptical essay in Cosmopolitan last week about the rising antipathy in certain lefty circles toward California's junior senator, Kamala Harris.... [Read More]