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If you tell Khloe Kardashian that O.J. Simpson's her father, then you're an "a--hole," the reality star says. [Read More]
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Sean Spicer's time in the White House is over — but Melissa McCarthy's classic spoofs of him live on forever. [Read More]
Chester Bennington said in his final interview that he would "fight" his depression — two months before he took his own life. [Read More]
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Rosie O'Donnell is facing a mountain of backlash after she promoted a video game that allows users to push a Trump avatar off a cliff. [Read More]
Song-of-the-summer "Despacito" continues to strike a positive chord among listeners — now at a record rate. [Read More]
Kevin Smith wishes he could re-edit a story he told about Ben Affleck's gay kiss in the 1997 comedy-drama "Chasing Amy." [Read More]
Even those close to Mindy Kaling do not know who the father of her future child is. [Read More]
The singer is trying to stay positive amid allegations he controls and manipulates every aspect of life for multiple women. [Read More]
The man accusing R. Kelly of brainwashing his daughter and holding her captive doubled down on his claims that something is awry. [Read More]
A young singer feared brainwashed by R&B artist R. Kelly denies that she is being held against her will, TMZ reports. [Read More]
Comedic actors Jordan Peele and Chelsea Peretti just took on the role of parents. [Read More]
The actress has a totally new project on the way — a baby. [Read More]
The singer controls the lives of multiple women in a situation described as a "cult," parents and former members of his circle claim. [Read More]
"Stranger Things" actress Shannon Purser had her world flipped Upside Down when she received a surprise Emmy nomination. [Read More]
Caitlyn Jenner thinks her former step-son Rob Kardashian is foolish for releasing private nude photos of Blac Chyna. [Read More]
Queen Bey is back. [Read More]