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Most artists are remembered piecemeal, some of their works more beloved and better known than others, and much of their production inevitably forgotten, suppressed or... [Read More]
Glenstone's new Pavilions building opens to the public Oct. 4. [Read More]
An exhibition of works by gay activist David Wojnarowicz reveals his complexity and delicacy. [Read More]
A curious thing happens when you encounter the work of Vija Celmins in a museum. The Latvian-born American artist is often included in exhibitions that... [Read More]
At 80, Vija Celmins will be getting a major survey of her work in San Francisco. [Read More]
Glenstone would like visitors to slow down and experience the art. [Read More]
The only time I laughed out loud while viewing the National Gallery of Art's "Sense of Humor" exhibition was at one of Goya's biting satirical... [Read More]
We outgrow cruel jokes, but never outgrow laughing at human folly. [Read More]
Is a brief reference to the slave trade enough context for this art exhibit? [Read More]
On July 3, one of this country's most recognizable landmarks was reintroduced with a new name, a new museum and redesign of its landscape. What... [Read More]
After a $380-million project, Eero Saarinen's iconic monument connects to the city... [Read More]
You cannot see Thomas Jefferson's mansion, Monticello, from the small room burrowed into the ground... [Read More]
With new exhibits, historians depict the founding father's relationship with enslaved woman and her children. [Read More]
About this summer's museum exhibits in Washington. [Read More]
A new exhibition captures the intersection of race, slavery and images cast by candlelight. [Read More]
Although it was the Obama portrait that made her a household name, she has been on a sprint for several years now, struggling to produce... [Read More]
The Philadelphia Museum of Art gets a bit of a black eye when it comes to the modern art of a century ago, in part... [Read More]
The Institute for Contemporary Art shows off its new Steven Holl-designed building. [Read More]
There are times when this city feels like the urban equivalent of a symphony by Charles Ives, a great, clashing, dissonant study in unresolved, competing... [Read More]
The opening of a lynching memorial in a state that protects Civil War monuments. [Read More]