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PHILIP TERZIAN There was a snowstorm in Washington, D.C., a few days before the arrival of spring, and while it deposited a handful of inches... [Read More]
PHILIP TERZIAN I confess to a weakness for the attorney general, Jeff Sessions. I say this despite the fact that I disagree with him on... [Read More]
PHILIP TERZIAN Like most American cities, Washington has been grappling lately with the issue of historic monuments and statuary, public and private, and whether they... [Read More]
PHILIP TERZIAN Judge Frederic Block, meet Judge H. Lee Sarokin. Block, a federal district court judge in New York, recently fined a local developer... [Read More]
PHILIP TERZIAN I was struck by the convergence of two stories in a recent edition of the New York Times. The first, on the... [Read More]
PHILIP TERZIAN Say what you will about Donald Trump's intellectual acumen, but he does have a certain flair for drawing attention in directions he desires—or... [Read More]
PHILIP TERZIAN If you should find yourself in Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, you might be surprised to discover a U.S. naval vessel moored... [Read More]
PHILIP TERZIAN When J. Edgar Hoover died suddenly in May 1972, there had been one director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation during the previous... [Read More]
PHILIP TERZIAN I've never stuffed a note in a bottle, and tossed it into the ocean. But I seem to have done the bibliographical equivalent,... [Read More]
PHILIP TERZIAN In the winter of 1949, the first secretary of defense, James V. Forrestal, announced his impending retirement from office. The announcement was... [Read More]
PHILIP TERZIAN I was surprised last week to learn that plans for the Barack Obama Presidential Center in Chicago have run into local opposition. The... [Read More]
In 1898, when the 42-year-old George Bernard Shaw stepped down as drama critic of London's Saturday Review, he introduced his successor, Max Beerbohm, 26, with... [Read More]
Journalists like anniversaries, or at least this one does, and 2018 is an ideal vantage point from which to survey the past. It's been a... [Read More]
PHILIP TERZIAN Everyone had a good laugh last week at the expense of Matthew Petersen, chairman or commissioner at the Federal Election Commission since 2008,... [Read More]
PHILIP TERZIAN Frank Bruni had an interesting column the other day in the New York Times. Naturally, it was about Donald Trump, and naturally, it... [Read More]
On inauguration eve 1991, in Rhode Island, the departing governor, Edward DiPrete, had a morsel of news for the incoming governor, Bruce Sundlun. A case of... [Read More]
In inauguration eve 1991, in Rhode Island, the departing governor, Edward DiPrete, had a morsel of news for the incoming governor, Bruce Sundlun. A case... [Read More]
Despite everything we know, or think we know, about the private life and opinions of Judge Roy Moore, I have no doubt that he will... [Read More]
PHILIP TERZIAN If Americans think our nation is painfully divided, two statistics from across the Atlantic might put their minds at ease. [Read More]
PHILIP TERZIAN It's becoming increasingly unlikely that Roy Moore will be elected to the Senate—or, perhaps, endure as the Republican nominee for the seat once... [Read More]